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What are Shower Steamers and How do You Use Them?

What are Shower Steamers and How do You Use Them?

Are you ready for your daily dose of spa-like relaxation?

Luckily, we are too, and have just the thing. By popular demand, we are thrilled to introduce our new aromatherapy shower steamers!

Beyond the realm of skincare, there are many fun ways to elevate your bath routine and we'd like to help guide you through them. In this post, we'll explore what shower streamers are and how they work. Get ready to dive into the world of fragrances that open the senses and upgrade your shower experience.

Shower Steamers 101

Many individuals enjoy shower streamers for their ability to induce relaxation and a soothing atmosphere, but what exactly are they?

While bath fizzies are good for your skin, shower steamers are good for your well-being. Similar to our bath fizzies, these shower steamers will diffuse an invigorating essential oil blend throughout your wash. Unlike traditional fizzies for the bathtub, shower streamers aren't meant for your skin - instead, they contain a higher dose of essential oils so you can get the maximum aromatic sensation.

Shower steamers are best utilized when they are placed on the floor or ledge of your shower. If you prefer a longer-lasting effect, place it on a ledge of your tub so it’s not directly in the path of the water. If you’ve ever used essential oils in your shower before you are aware of how potent they can be. The heat and condensation from the shower will allow the scents from the essential oils to be diffused, without the pure dose of an essential oil on the skin

aromatherapy shower steamers

You’ll notice that when the water hits your steamer it will fizzle up, similar to a bath fizzy. That’s due to the reaction of the baking soda and citric acid. Thanks to the magic of chemistry, the reaction is responsible for the scents of your shower steamer.

Want some behind-the-scenes action? Watch our short video about how we make them on our YouTube channel!

Aromatherapy Benefits of Shower Steamers

One of the biggest benefits of using shower steamers lies in its aromatic qualities. Aromatherapy uses plant extract and oils to improve your state of being. Many people shower first thing in the morning or before they go to sleep. These are pivotal times to experience a mood that will empower or relax you. Since showering is already a time of resetting, combining it with aromatherapy is a great hack.

aromatherapy shower steamers

Aromatherapy allows you to step into different moods, depending on the scents. When choosing from our six different essential oil blends, think about the intention you'd like to set for the day. If you prefer showers in the evening, think about how you’d like to feel before bed.

Shower steamers are great for both prolonging good moods and changing sour ones. Are the winter blues getting you down? Pop in an uplifting citrus scent for a pick-me-up. Feeling partially tranquil, ease into the feeling more with calming scents of lavender and bergamot.

More Benefits of Shower Steamers

Most of us love to take a bath, but let's face it, it's hard to find the time. Shower streamers are practical and easy to use because they require no extra bath-cleaning duties. Showering is already something most of us do every day, so why not add a bit of flavor to it?

Another benefit of using our shower steamers is their absence of artificial fragrances. Artificial fragrances have the potential to cause irritation or allergy flare-ups. This might leave you feeling uncomfortable and remove the focus from your intention for a relaxing shower. This natural approach to fragrance provides a gentle, but enjoyable experience for those who are sensitive to synthetic fragrances.

Highly relevant to the season, the shower steamer is also a popular choice for people dealing with winter congestion. This is perfect for the time of the year when everyone is more susceptible to catching a cold. To use your shower steamer to combat congestion, use it at the start of your shower. This will ensure you reap the maximum benefits so you can breathe easier during the winter months.


Incorporating shower steamers is a convenient way to indulge in aromatherapy every day, even in short bursts. But, you don’t need to limit yourself to the shower alone. Check out our aromatherapy roll-on oil if you'd like to take your favorite scents with you.

Shower streamers provide an array of benefits. They’re potent, quick, and provide a mood boost during the most important times of the day. If you’ve been stuck with decision fatigue about which way to approach aromatherapy, don't hesitate any longer and give these a try.

aromatherapy shower steamers

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