Refills & Customization

buy in bulk - all natural skincare by the gallon

Did you know that almost every Heliotrope product is refillable at a discount?  If you live near one of our stores in the Bay Area, you can bring back your empties and refill them at a discount. For even greater savings, you can buy by the half-gallon (or even gallon jug).


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Doing our Part:

A lot of work goes on behind the scenes to ensure that we live up to our claim and reputation for using natural, simple and organic ingredients. Our values are important to us, and creating healthy skincare products - for humans and for the planet - is one of the main factors behind how Jonathan developed Heliotrope as a company.

We've created a few posts on Instagram and social media about how we prioritize simple strategies to reduce waste like refilling products. Because glass and plastic containers require resources and materials, it’s an important practice to extend their life by reusing them as often as possible. 

We are committed to sourcing local components and ingredients and making our products as close to our shop as possible. Buying locally reduces the resources such as petroleum needed to ship across the state or country.

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