Aromatherapy Roll-On Oil
Aromatherapy Roll-On Oil
aromatherapy roll-on essential oils customize
aromatherapy roll-on essential oils customize
aromatherapy roll-on essential oils
aromatherapy roll-on essential oils customize

Aromatherapy Roll-On Oil

$18.00 USD $18.00 USD

Our customers have been asking for a roll-on "perfume oil" for ages. We finally came up with the perfect blends of essential oils - in a jojoba oil base - in a glass vial with a roll-on applicator.

Using undiluted, all-natural essential oils means you get the benefits of the plants and flowers themselves, as well as their intoxicating scents - rather than the synthetic ingredients of "perfume" oils.

The soothing yet stimulating scent of botanical ingredients will calm, soothe, and revitalize you and your home. Roll on at the pulse-points all over your body to feel fresh and energized; natural ingredients mean it’s safe for all skin types.

Jojoba, besides being a great scent-free "base" oil, is the closest oil to human sebum (the oil our own skin makes), so it's a perfect oil to use that won't clog pores. Bonus jojoba trivia: scientists are not sure why, but jojoba never goes bad, so it therefore needs no preservatives added! 10 mL frosted glass vial with fine roll-on ball.

Each blend is made up of various essential oils:

Balancing includes Rose Geranium, Lavender, and Clary Sage
Meditative includes Sandalwood, Myrrh, Frankincense, Oak Moss, and Ylang Ylang 
Grounding includes Lavender, Geranium, Sage, and Peppermint 
Seductive includes Rose, Clove, Ginger, and Vanilla
Centering includes Grand Fir, Frankincense, Bergamot, and Pink Grapefruit 
Relieving includes Rosemary, Basil, Peppermint, and Eucalyptus

To create a roll-on oil with any other essential oil blends we offer, please choose "Customizable" from the drop-down menu, and put a note on your order with your choice(s).

INGREDIENTS: Simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) oil, essential oils (as listed above).

Customer Reviews

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Lisa F.
A Simple Lovely Scent for my Daily Self-Care Ritual

Heliotrope's aromatherapy roll-on is a gift to the soul. It has become an integral part of my self care routine morning and night. And, I also dab a few touches through the day, as I get tired. With the first whiff of this delicate scent my brain immediately receives calming messages. I notice that I smile each time I roll a touch on. (^~^)

We're thrilled that our roll-on is so well-loved. We can also customize them with whatever EO blend you're in the mood for ;-)

Aubany G.
Love the roll-on oils

I found this shop walking on Valencia in the Mission and thought it was so cute and smelled incredible. I purchased some items along with two roller balls that lasted me over a year and a half. A little goes a long way and I can still smell the oils hours later!
High quality is an understatement!
Seductive and Meditative are my favorites!

Aw shucks, thanks for your kind words! We love these, too - and you can customize them to smell like any essential oils you like! See you next time on Valencia St!

Evelyn B.
Aromatherapy just when needed on the go!

I received my order today and was having a stressful morning. The roll on was very handy and helpful, made a huge difference. The scent is long lasting but very subtle. I ordered the Grounding scent. Thanks for your excellent work on these products.

So glad you liked this, and we appreciate your taking the time to write.