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The Versatility of Soy Wax Candles: from Scent to Moisturizer

The Versatility of Soy Wax Candles: from Scent to Moisturizer

Providing warmth, light, and aromatic scents, candles have been a mainstay in households for ages. As more people become conscious of the harmful effects that conventional candles have on the environment, they are turning to soy wax as a more sustainable option.

For more information on the advantages of soy wax candles, whether you're wanting to embrace a more eco-friendly approach to personal care or hope to enhance your candle collection, stay tuned.


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What is soy wax?

Soy wax is a kind of vegetable wax created from soybean oil. Considering that farmers cultivate and harvest soybeans, it is a natural and regenerative resource. The oil from the soybeans is extracted, purified, and hydrogenated to give it a wax-like consistency.

The origin of soy wax can be dated to the early 1990s when a candle maker sought out a cheaper alternative to beeswax. While experimenting with many plant oils, it was soon found that soy wax had several advantages over conventional waxes of the time.

A few reasons people love soy wax


A huge reason that soy is so popular nowadays is due to its versatility. Soy wax can be used for traditional candles by almost anyone. It's great to use for beginners who want to try homemade candles.

Soy wax can also be used as a base for creams, lotions, and other cosmetic products. Waxes are often used in cosmetics to hold products together and create a good consistency. Soy wax can be a better alternative to other vegetable waxes because of its non-greasy feel and texture.

Great for those with allergies

Soy wax may be more suitable than other waxes for another reason—it is less allergic. Compared to paraffin wax, which for some people can cause itching, redness, and rash, soy wax is hypoallergenic and less likely to produce allergic reactions or irritation.

A better fragrance alternative

Candles are meant to be enjoyed, and with soy candles, you gain more time to do so. Soy candles can burn up to 50% slower than paraffin candles. Allowing your candle to keep releasing its scent longer, and saving you money on replacing them too soon.

Compared to conventional candles, soy wax candles burn more efficiently, producing less soot. A cleaner jar can help the scent of your candle remain less polluted by smoke or unwelcomed odors.

Last, but not least, soy candles are great for adding your own scent. Many people like to use essential oils for their custom candles, but you can also use a fragrance oil of your choosing. Wait until your candle has been burning for a while, and add a few drops. Within minutes you will have a custom candle that was super easy to make.

We provide a wide selection of unique essential oil blends, each expertly created to meet your specific requirements. Whether you're seeking to unwind, concentrate, or get energized, we have it all. All of our oil blends are all-natural, meaning you can use them with confidence knowing it's synthetic fragrance-free.


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Soy wax for skincare

Soy wax is a soothing and non-irritating substance that is suitable for sensitive skin because it is neither harsh nor abrasive. Additionally, it is low on the comedogenic scale and less likely to trigger breakouts.

Antioxidants can help shield the skin from UV rays and free radical damage, luckily soy wax helps with that. This can result in a decrease in fine lines and wrinkles. You’ll likely notice an improvement in the general tone and texture of your skin when using soy wax often.

Our Soy Wax & Shea Butter Massage Candle combines the ambiance of a candle with the benefits of moisturizing massage oil. This candle is made with all-natural ingredients, including nourishing coconut oil, creamy shea butter, and several essential oil options.

Simply let your candle burn for a while before letting it cool. Massage the warm wax into your skin for a luxurious experience and skin that feels amazing. We also offer travel-sized candles and body kits so you can enjoy a spa day even while on the go!

Giving soy wax a try

In conclusion, soy wax is a fantastic alternative to traditional candles made with synthetic materials. Its popularity is well-deserved, as it offers a range of benefits that make it a great option for anyone looking to improve their overall well-being.

With the many use cases, you’ll find a reason to make the switch. Let us know if you've ever heard of soy candles, and if you will be giving them a try!

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