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Why You Should Incorporate Colloidal Oatmeal into Your Skincare Regimen

Why You Should Incorporate Colloidal Oatmeal into Your Skincare Regimen

Did you know that you can also use oatmeal as a way to get soft and glowing skin? Oats have long been used to treat skin conditions before the modern era. Today we have the pleasure of adding it directly to our favorite natural skincare products.

Oats contain several essential vitamins and minerals that can help improve skin texture and radiance, making them an ideal choice for those looking to improve their skin's appearance. In this article, we'll discuss the benefits of using oat-based skincare products and how they can help you achieve healthier, more beautiful skin.

Skincare oats aren't the same as oatmeal

The oats we use to cook with are different from the ones typically used in skincare. If you look at the back of your favorite products you might see a name called colloidal oatmeal. This is a kind of oatmeal that is best used in cosmetic formulations. In 2003, the FDA recognized colloidal oatmeal as a skin protectant due to its proven track record in the skincare industry.

Colloidal oatmeal is very similar to cooking oats. The biggest difference is how they are processed, much like steel-cut oats vs quick oats. Colloidal oatmeal is ground into very fine pieces during the milling process, similar to oat flour. Your skin benefits from the extra vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and other skin-loving proteins that remain after grinding them down.

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What are the benefits of using oat-based skin care products?

Oatmeal is a delicious meal served on its own, but it can also be used to add moisture and vibrancy to your skin. Oatmeal helps bring moisture to the surface level of your skin as well as protect the moisture barrier. If you suffer from dry skin, itching, or even flakiness, oatmeal can have a significant impact relatively quickly.

Oats work with your skin rather than against it by balancing pH levels. Since the skin is the largest organ in (and on) your body, it should be protected and nurtured just as much as any internal organ. Our skin helps protect us from the external environment as well as from UV rays that can cause long-term damage.

Colloidal oatmeal also helps gently exfoliate and remove dead skin. Having clean skin is the first step to having clear skin. Luckily, you can use an oatmeal-based exfoliant every day and reap the rewards of this grain.

Using oatmeal in your skincare routine

Incorporating oat-based products into your skincare regimen is easy. Here's how you can do it:

The first step is to use an oatmeal-based cleanser (our Aloe & Lavender Facial Cleanser contains oat amino acids) that removes dirt and buildup without stripping your skin of its natural oils. We highly recommend our oatmeal soothing treatment soap. It’s packed with moisturizing oils like safflower and

coconut to provide you with soft skin. With no fragrance or synthetic ingredients, It's suitable for everyday use.

The next step is to rub your favorite Heliotrope toner onto your skin with a soft cotton pad. Toner helps restore your skin's pH balance and even your skin tone. It's also great to use as a refresher throughout the day as needed.

The right serum can leave your skin feeling and looking brand new. Our Rose and Nettle Serum uses powerful ingredients that work together to bring harmony to your skin. This all-natural formula is infused with oat beta-glucan, known for its ability to strengthen the skin's natural moisture barrier and lock in hydration. Other high-quality ingredients include aloe vera, shea butter, and floral extracts which help fight wrinkles and irritation.

In addition to using lotions, creams, and moisturizers with oatmeal, consider incorporating a face mask (like our Clay & Herbal Detox Mask) with oats. Face masks help your skin get a deeper clean, as well as create a spa-like experience at home. Try doing one at least twice a month. There are many DIY recipes with oats. The most common is a simple honey + oat mix applied for 10 -15 minutes.

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Final thoughts

Oatmeal is a great option for most skin types, it's especially popular amongst people with eczema, psoriasis, and sensitive skin. It is gentle enough for daily use and can be found in all types of products from cleansers to face masks.

Incorporating products with oatmeal into your skincare routine can provide many benefits like the ones mentioned above. The best benefit is the new confidence you get when you finally find a product that works near perfectly for you. Let us know if you will be giving oatmeal a try in the near future. Better yet, why not start today?

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