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Can You Use Coffee in Your Skincare Routine?

Can You Use Coffee in Your Skincare Routine?

‘Tis the season to be cozy! Coffee in the morning is a must-have for many people. Why not add some to your bath? Of course, not by using a hot steaming cup of joe.

That's right, coffee isn't just for a boost of energy. Coffee also has some interesting benefits for your skin as well. Today, let's explore several reasons why you might be interested in discovering new ways to utilize your coffee grounds.

invigorating exfoliating bath bar with coffee grounds

Using Coffee for Your Skin

While we won't judge you for drinking coffee in the shower, we aren’t advocating it either. Instead, you can use coffee-infused skincare in your routine. If you’re familiar with skin scrubs, you may have already heard of those with coffee grounds.

Coffee grounds are powerful exfoliators for your skin. Some people choose to rub it directly on their skin for a thorough scrub. However, since unfiltered coffee grounds can be messy, we opted to add them to a moisturizing soap. Unlike pure coffee grounds that might be too sharp, our exfoliating bath bar is gentle enough for everyday use. They’re also sustainably sourced and from a local women-owned company called Cute Coffee.

Benefits of coffee in skincare

Coffee grounds contain a natural antioxidant called caffeic acid. Antioxidants help our bodies fight off damaging free radicals. This antioxidant in coffee grounds is anti-inflammatory, which helps prevent inflammation. It’s also antiviral, which can help prevent infections. Ingesting foods containing this antioxidant provides the greatest benefits, but applying it externally can also be beneficial. After all, the skin is one large external organ!

Another antioxidant can be found in caffeine itself. Despite their similar names, caffeic acid is not related to caffeine and can also be found in kale, mushrooms, and other non-coffee foods.

Caffeine can prevent collagen breakdown and fine lines due to its free radical protection. In addition, caffeine improves your circulation. This can help brighten dull skin, allowing your natural glow to shine.

I Love Cute Coffee

A recipe for better skin

Vanilla, cinnamon, and clove sound like a recipe for a delicious winter treat. However, we've paired them with our coffee bar. These spices contribute sweet and spicy aromatic notes, with chai being the star of the show. If you're interested in learning more about latte related skin care, check out our previous blog about some benefits of cardamom!

A common pantry staple, olive oil also does wonders on dry skin. Rich in vitamins and fats that complement the skin, it's an excellent option for individuals struggling to retain moisture post-shower and it helps counteract the drying effects of caffeine. Olive oil also helps cleanse your skin. If you have leftover makeup or skin products, it will clean them without leaving you with that feeling of being too squeaky clean.

You might already know the wonders that coconut oil can do for your skin. We’ve combined its power with sustainably sourced palm oil. Palm oil combines a number of skin-loving properties like fats, vitamins, and minerals. It’s a great source of vitamin E, which is responsible for giving your skin that feeling of smooth softness. It also keeps your skin hydrated for longer. During the months when you are exposed to cold air and weather, it’s important to have a good hydrating soap and moisturizer on your side.

If you have naturally dry skin, shea butter may be your new best friend. It relieves dry skin and creates barriers that keep moisture in. Yet, if you’re someone who already has oily skin, it won't leave you greasy. Shea butter is also used by people who experience hyperpigmentation.

Altogether, this is a recipe for more nourished, silkier, and moisturized skin. Rest assured knowing you will come out of the shower refreshed, clean, and smelling like a delicious latte.

Adding coffee to your morning ritual

Incorporating the invigorating essence of a coffee shop into your morning routine feels good and sets a positive tone for the day ahead. The mixture of the spice-infused notes of coffee can transform your shower into a daily ritual of self-care.

Now, when you step out of the shower, you're not just clean and refreshed; you're ready to take on your day with newfound energy. So, why settle for a mundane morning routine when you can elevate it to a mini coffee shop experience?

Feel free to share your coffee preferences in the comments, and whether that might even extend to the soap bar form!

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