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Sensitive Skin? 3 Best Natural Skin Care Products that Help

Sensitive Skin? 3 Best Natural Skin Care Products that Help

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Got sensitive skin? If you do, you’re probably used to buying tons of synthetic or natural skin care products, using them once, and tucking them away in the medicine cabinet when they left your skin dry, blotchy, purple, coniferous, or whatever else. It’s a very real struggle.

A lot of those difficulties come from problems in the pipeline for sourcing natural ingredients, and having to fall back on approximate, or synthetic alternatives. As demand for natural skin care products has increased, the availability of certain specialty components is sometimes hard to depend on.

Beyond that, when using synthetic alternatives, it’s unlikely that the synthetic compounds will exactly match the utility of their natural counterparts. A particular compound might make a great moisturizer, but it might lack the vitamins that also nourish and repair dry skin. Or the synthetic alternative might lack the bioavailability of its natural antecedent, decreasing overall efficacy.

Many companies make compromises, subbing in alternatives (like mineral oil for coconut oil, for example) without always making that clear in their branding. The natural skin care products industry is huge right now, and words like “green” or “natural” go a long way in the minds of consumers. It’s that lack of transparency that makes so many products on the market unhelpful for those with sensitive skin.

That’s not how we do things at Heliotrope. We grow as many of our own ingredients as possible, and we don’t make compromises when it comes to sourcing the others. In the spirit of helpfulness, we’ve formulated some of the best natural skin care products around especially for those with sensitive skin, so that people can get the same comfort, benefits, and beauty that their skin has always deserved.

3 Best Natural Skin Care Products

Here are our three favorite natural skin care products, tailor made for your sensitive skin.

Heliotrope Soothing Oatmeal Soap bar

Oatmeal Soothing Treatment Soap

Oatmeal soap is already a perfect choice for those with sensitive skin, but this one goes a few steps beyond. With coconut and safflower seed oils to hydrate and reinvigorate your skin, this soap leaves you with a radiant glow; smooth, supple skin; and a good overall complexion. As well as hydrating dry skin, this soap is also a salve for irritation, and it’s great for preserving your skin’s natural oil balance and pH.

Great for those with sensitive skin, but smooth enough for the whole family, you can pick up the Oatmeal Soothing Treatment Soap in our online store.

Heliotrope Olive Leaf and Neroli Moisturizer

Olive Leaf & Neroli Moisturizer

This is the moisturizer for anyone with sensitive skin. It’s one of our very best natural skin care products. Olive leaf provides a strong but non-damaging emollient, and neroli shares its gentle, antiseptic benefits. These gracefully dovetail with botanicals including rose, lavender, chamomile, and aloe to help reduce inflammation and, with a gentle cooling sensation, counter redness or dryness.

Unlike some moisturizers, you can (and should!) use the Olive Leaf & Neroli Moisturizer daily. Your skin will feel great, and look healthy, while staying hydrated and just generally being excellent. Like you.

Heliotrope Chamomile and Lupine Reparative Eye Gel

Chamomile & Lupine Reparative Eye Gel

Here’s a fun one — our saucy friend neroli joins in to relieve tension and anxiety, and to increase blood flow to your face’s most sensitive areas — the skin around your eyes. Alongside aloe, rosewater, and chamomile who reduce puffiness and repair broken capillaries, rye extract boosts the skin’s natural firming and lifting capabilities (and when was the last time Rye managed to do that, eh?).

The Chamomile & Lupine Reparative Eye Gel is light, and ultra-effective. Oil free, it’s made explicitly and especially for sensitive skin. It tightens, firms, reduces wrinkles, and leaves you with refreshed, soothed, and more youthful skin, like a goodnight kiss.

How to Keep Sensitive Skin Healthy

Here are just a few excellent tips for keeping your sensitive skin looking and feeling its best.

Step One: First, always test new products on a small spot before applying liberally. That way, if you’re going to have an unexpected reaction, you can minimize the damage.

Step Two: Next up, don’t fall for branding. Plenty of things claim to be hypoallergenic and specially formulated, but the ingredients are mineral oil and lies. Always read the labels, and make sure you know what you’re getting.

Step Three: For sensitive skin, typically less is more. A touch of moisturizer regularly, and a little dab here or there of other products will do you more good than slathering on layers of product that might leave you worse off than you started. Especially in San Francisco, watch your sun exposure and keep up with the SPF. UV damage is extra hard on sensitive skin types!

So there you have it — these three of our best natural skin care products, and these general care tips should help to keep your sensitive skin healthy.

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