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How to Get Ultra Smooth with the Best Natural Shaving Products

How to Get Ultra Smooth with the Best Natural Shaving Products

best natural shaving products

Getting an arrestingly close shave is a rare treat. So often, we don’t take the time, or we just sort of muddle through with stubble and leave our faces rough. Morning routines don’t leave us a lot of time around the edges to make room for little luxuries, right?

Well, we don’t think that should be the case. Shaving is a ritual with a long history, and a touch of ceremony, so we think it’s important to make the time to do it right. Using the best natural shaving products will help you get a close shave with less hassle, less irritation, and less effort. Equip yourself with the right tools for the job!

Shave gel, shave cream, shave lotion, shave soap; pre-shave oil, aftershave balm — just what exactly do all these natural shaving products do? Can they be combined, or do they interfere with each other? What differentiates a lotion from a cream? Well friends, we’re here to help.

Pre-Shave Oil

This is your very first step, especially if you’re shaving a longer beard. A good pre-shave oil is another of the best natural shaving products you should be using to get the smoothest, cleanest shave. The oils condition your hairs, getting them ready for a smooth shave, and helping to prevent some of the bristliness that can result from a drier shaving experience.

Our Sunflower & Avocado pre-shave oil blend is actually a blend of five different oils, each with its own function. They condition your beard, nourish your skin, and get everything ready for a gel, lather, cream, soap, and so on. The oils have other talents too, but what’s really important in a pre-shave oil is that it not contain anything like mineral oil, alcohol, and so on. Some products on the market do, and they are just awful for your face. They dry everything out, and increase irritation and patchiness. Do your face a favor and stick with a proper oil blend.

Depending on your shaving kit, this might double as an off-label oil for your razor blades or clippers in a pinch, too.

Shave Cream

Let’s start simple. Shave cream helps reduce the abrasive effects of shaving, and helps to keep hairs straight so that the razor can catch them closer to the skin’s surface. That way, you end up with a closer shave, and your skin remains smooth, supple, and free from bumps, nicks, and scratches. We make an Aloe and Shea Butter shave cream that’s loaded with vitamins A, D, & E (among others), as well as antioxidants, to keep skin nourished and moisturized as well.

Shave Gel

This product is very similar to shave cream, in that it hydrates and protects the skin, while still lifting the hair shafts away from the face to help get a closer shave. The big difference here is personal preference. Where cream has a thicker lather, shave gel rinses more easily and, though it still keeps skin moist and supple, it doesn’t linger in quite the same way. Think of this natural shaving product like a lower-impact alternative if shave creams aren’t your thing.

We make an Aloe & Comfrey shave gel that gets the job done. Comfrey, for its part, is great at speeding healing from nicks and scratches, so if you’re shaving in a hurry, this might be just the thing to set your face up for the day.

Shave Lotion

A good shave lotion might be one of the very best natural shaving products around. It prepares your face for a good shave in all sorts of intriguing ways. Take our Birch, Spruce, & Juniper shave lotion, for example. WIth zero irritation or dryness, it prepares your skin for a close shave by opening pores, stimulating the surface layers, normalizing oil production, and adding a gentle protective layer to your skin. The birch, a natural foaming agent, also tones your skin (both in terms of complexion and firmness) and helps to prevent damage from abrasion.

It’s like taking a long walk in the woods, up in Northern California, on a crisp late-summer day, or standing out on a the balcony of your mountain cabin as the crisp dawn mist begins to melt in the coming sunshine. But for your face.

Shave Soap

More traditional than a cream or a gel, this is your grandfather’s shave product of choice. A shave soap and brush is a quick and simple way to get a good lather for a close shave. It’s a great morning ritual, and we seriously suggest everyone try it at least once. Another benefit of a lather like this is that it will soften your beard or other hairs, making them easier to cut and allowing for a close shave with less drag or force. That keeps your skin happy and smooth, and free from irritation.

Aftershave Balm

Congratulations! You’ve just used every single one of the best natural shaving products on this list (or some combination thereof) and you’ve had the best shave of your life! But don’t walk out the door just yet — give yourself a quick application of our cooling Cucumber & Aloe aftershave balm for a soothing, moisturizing, sensory extravaganza. It doubles as a great moisturizer, too! Go ahead and slather it on the rest of your face too — this natural product keeps skin soft and supple, and you’ll love the feeling of walking out into the morning feeling brisk and refreshed.

Mixing and Matching the Best Natural Shaving Products for Your Perfect Shave

So there you have it — the best natural shaving products for the ultimate clean shave. They divide into three basic stages: prep (like the pre-shave oil), duration (like the shaving creams or lotions), and aftercare (a splash of cooling aftershave). Each of these products fills one of those basic functions, but there’s a fair bit of overlap, so choose your particular path based on your preferences. Love using a brush? Soap or cream are probably your best bets. Traveling or shaving at the gym? Our Aloe & Comfrey Shave Gel comes in a handy travel size, too!

Really, there’s no wrong answer. It’s your morning routine, so make it something special to start your day off right!

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