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Scary Words?

It's not as bad as it sounds. Those chemical ingredients? Like "methyl salicylate"? That's really Oil of Wintergreen. For some odd reason, manufacturers often choose the scary chemical names of everyday, aromatherapy ingredients. Some labels even list "Aqua" rather than water, so the most basic ingredient of all is called something that might worry the average consumer.

The most common mineral we all ingest every day is Sodium Chloride, AKA table salt. If you saw "Sodium Chloride" on your ingredient label, you'd worry, right? But "Salt"? (Well, you might still worry, but at least you know what it is). The dreaded Neroli? That's what botanists call Essential Oil of Orange Blossom (which has a much prettier ring to it, no?)

So while I'm not telling you *not* to worry about ingredients, I *am* suggesting that you educate yourself on ingredients, and understand what is truly worth worrying about! Watch this blog for more info on ingredients, essential oils, skin care, etc.

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