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Herbs & Edibles

As I go about my daily life, I'm reminded of how much aromatherapy is a part of it.

You know how you keep hearing about growing herb gardens so you can have spices handy to cook with? Those same herbs can be steeped in hot water to make teas and/or aromatherapy facial mists/room sprays. What flavors your cooking are the essential oils in the herbs; the same essential oils are released by the hot water when making tea or other infusions.

We know that rosehips are great in the tea that we drink - it soothes, gives us essential vitamins (especially C), and are rich in antioxidants. So why not brew a "tea" as a facial steam bath? Aromatherapy in the home.

Other herbs (or full strength essential oils) work wonders, too - such as thyme (extremely anti-septic, great for acne care).

I was just at a party recently and was reminded of the lovely atmosphere of a spa. Our host had added cucumber slices to one of the water pitchers, and lemon slices to the other. One relaxing, the other stimulating. More aromatherapy in the home. Cucumber is cooling and astringent, and lemon offers us not just Vitamin C, but also lifts the spirit.

Where else can you find aromatherapy in your life? Any suggestions for others?

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