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Natural Bug Repellents

Walking through the lumber yard last week, getting ready for our new store construction - CEDAR all around us. Of course, people have been using cedar to line their closers & drawers for ages to keep moths away - an example of an everyday use of aromatherapy! Dog owners also know that cedar shavings in a dog's bed keeps fleas away - a natural bug repellent! As scientists come up with new ways to keep us comfortable and bug-free, they often arrive at nature's own answers.

Those pyrethrins that you see on the ingredient labels of garden products & bug sprays? Those are derived from chrysanthemums! Over the years, anecdotal evidence showed that bugs avoided these plants, and eventually, products were developed using the exact chemicals that were already present in plants.

We use this blend of essential oils in our Aromatherapy Dog Shampoo: chamomile, bergamot, lemongrass, cedar, lavender, rosemary & tea tree. Smells great & works like a charm! Add any or all of these oils to a water-based solution (like our Organic Spray Mist for Body & Home, use it in a spray bottle on Fido, and voilà!

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