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It dawned on me that there are a lot of good things listed in our ingredients that, in fact, *sound* like bad things. (We've even discussed this in a previous blog entry). Did you ever look at the back of a label and wonder "What the heck is Pyridoxine?" Actually, you need pyridoxine to survive - it's the chemical name of the compound we call Vitamin B6. Vitamins are organic compounds that humans need to survive, yet cannot be synthesized by our bodies in sufficient amounts - therefore, they must be ingested.

Milk cartons tell us "Vitamins A + D added" - (much better sounding than "Retinyl Palmitate + Cholecalciferol added"). Vitamin D, in particular, is difficult to get in a regular American diet, and doctors believe that D is the one vitamin supplement that's really worthwhile. With all the sunscreen we're wearing, it's that much more difficult for our bodies to produce enough D.

New studies tell us that ingesting daily multi-vitamins may not be best for us after all - the smartest method is to eat a balanced diet. It's also smart to feed your skin with balanced nutrients - pure vegetable oils, botanical extracts, essential oils, and vitamins.

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