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The Words & the Bees: Beeswax & Propolis

Of course, we all know what beeswax is, but why is it used as an ingredient in skin care products? Bees create the wax to build their honeycombs, which is how their honey is stored. The wax starts out white, but ends up more yellow or brown as pollen oils and propolis is incorporated. Because of its inherent impurities, it needs to be purified before human use.

Beeswax acts as an emollient (softens skin) and an emulsifier (keeps solutions blended, to eliminate separation). It's a natural additive for skin care products, rather than synthetic chemicals, and imparts a subtle aroma. Propolis, meanwhile, is derived from the tree resins that bees collect. It moisturizes and acts as a natural anti-bacterial.

These natural powerhouses are combined in one of my favorite Heliotrope products, our Shea & Beeswax Hand & Cuticle Therapy. It feels great on hands, soaks in quickly, heals hands, nails & cuticles, and is naturally fragrance-free (or custom scent it with our large selection of essential oils). While you're at it, try our wonderful Sunflower & Shea Butter Foot Treatment, which also incorporates beeswax. This nourishing cream is especially rich - best slathered on feet & then covered up in socks to soak in and heal overnight (or anytime). I love it so much, I use it on my hands on especially dry days. It doesn't soak in as quickly as the Hand & Cuticle Therapy, but it feels great.

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