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The Best Natural Face Care Products for All Occasions

The Best Natural Face Care Products for All Occasions

 natural face care products

Faces are great! Your face is an absolutely gorgeous feature. It’s the first thing people will notice upon meeting you. It’s a window to your inner thoughts, and it’s the first way your spirit communicates with the world around you.

Taking good care of your face is one of the kindest ways you can treat your body. No matter what specific thing you’re trying to treat, or whether you’re just trying to look your best, there’s sure to be a variety of natural face care products that suit your needs.

Discover the Best Natural Face Care Products

Feel good in your skin!

Nighttime Face Serum

These products are designed to combat the harsh effects of the day, like drying and abrasion. Being out in the air and sun all day feels wonderful, but it can take a serious toll on your skin. That UV radiation and wind dries your skin, and can contribute to the ongoing effects of aging. A nighttime face serum is best used after cleansing, to promote renewal and moisturizing, and reduce the impact of lines, creases, or blotches. You’ll be waking up to a healthy complexion, as well as a smile.

Daytime Face Serum

So, how should you prepare your skin for the day ahead?  Start with a cleanse and an exfoliation, and apply a serum to soothe, protect, and nourish your face throughout the day. You want something to protect your skin from the elements, and to gradually feed your cells with the antioxidants and nutrients that are going to help them stay firm and full no matter where the day takes you. For oily skin types, a serum is your best friend. For drier, or even normal skin types, go ahead and follow the serum application with a moisturizer to keep your skin looking and feeling its finest.


A good cleanser leaves your skin healthy, smooth, and refreshed. We make an anti-inflammatory mineral and botanical cleanser that also removes impurities, and soothes skin, leaving it supple, and ready for treatment from a serum, moisturizer, or other natural face care products.

Reparative Eye Gel

These are modulated specifically for the ultra-sensitive skin around the eyes and eyelids. Reparative eye gel is very gentle, but no less effective. The chamomile & lupine reparative eye gel we make is one of our absolute favorite natural face care products. It reduces puffiness, increases circulation, and repairs broken capillaries, while boosting the skin’s lift and firmness. In practical terms, this means fewer wrinkles, soothed skin, and refreshed, more youthful eyes.

Makeup Remover

We did say natural face care products for all occasions, and that includes winding down from a fancy night on the town. While some makeup removers use mineral oil or alcohol, those harsh components can dry your skin and cause irritation. As part of our best natural face care products family, a good makeup remover will leave your skin soft and supple, and above all, undamaged. It’s gentle, effective, and redolent.

Antiseptic Spot Gel

Toothpaste is like a spot-treatment for dorm walls; give your face something with a little more flair. We’ve got a lemon & tea tree antiseptic spot gel that dries out breakouts, soothing inflammation, and relieving discomfort with a natural cooling sensation. The tea tree oil fights redness and reduces swelling, as well as being a gentle antibacterial to help prevent infection, and the lemon clarifies the skin, helps stabilize the pH, works as a secondary antiseptic, and leaves your skin bright and glowing.

Facial Scrubs

Facial scrubs need to strike a delicate balance. On the one hand, they need to scrub. They need to be abrasive, to remove some of the surface layer of dead skin cells and impurities, but they can’t go too far or they leave skin raw, patchy, and damaged. We had to be sure we were getting this one right.

Eventually, we settled on a clay-based foaming scrub with bamboo charcoal, and jojoba beads for extra scrubbiness. The bamboo charcoal is a detoxifying antibacterial agent, while the jojoba beads are a gentler sort of exfoliant, leaving your skin pliable and ready for a good moisturizer.

Don’t use this natural face care product for all occasions, though. Keep it to about every second or every third day, or you’ll end up over-abrading your skin.

Shave Gel & Aftershave Balm

A good shaving gel not only promotes healing, and protects the skin’s surface during shaving, but also helps get a cleaner shave by lifting the hair shafts as the razor glides past. An aftershave, for its part, hydrates and cools to keep you comfy and to keep your skin soft and healthy even after a close shave.

If you’re committed to really upping your shave game, treat yourself to a pre-shave oil as well. We’ve got a sunflower and avocado pre-shave oil that gets the job done. No alcohol, no mineral oil, no perfume, no dyes. Just a natural oil and extract blend that conditions your skin and beard, getting them ready for a shave without drying them out.

Lip Balm

Well we’ve covered your skin, your eyes, and your beard. Your lips deserve some love, too, right? Don’t let them get dry, cracked, chapped, red, or rashy. They say you should always dress as if you’re about to meet the love of your life — we say you should always treat your lips as if you’re about to kiss them.

A good natural lip balm will keep things soft and hydrated, and will protect your lips from the elements. Good for daily use, we’ve got a shea butter & almond lip balm with beeswax, cocoa butter, and more to keep your lips ready for whatever the day might bring.

The Bottom Line on Natural Face Care Products

With synthetics, or with lousy face care products in general, you risk things like alcohol and mineral oil, things that dry out your face, or that strip away the healthy layers of oils that your skin naturally produces. The best natural face care products will work in harmony with your skin, to keep your skin supple, healthy, and protected.

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