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The Science of Moisturizing

The Science of Moisturizing

We love science! One of our go-to resources online is Compound Interest. We recently uncovered this gem about the science of moisturizing, and thought we'd share it.

Moisturizers are necessary for everyone - even if you have oily skin!

Don't let the fear of oily skin stop you from moisturizing. After washing your face, your oils glands will kick into high gear if left to their own devices. By adding moisture with an all-natural, vegetable-based moisturizer like our Olive Leaf & Neroli, your oil glands won't work as hard, and you WON'T become oily.

Oil-based moisturizers will NOT clog your pores 

As long as the oils are natural and vegetable-based, they'll be absorbed right into your skin - our products are non-comedogenic (they won't clog your pores, nor cause breakouts). Try our delightful Frankincense & Rose Geranium OIL Serum. It's our founder's go-to product every night.

Cleansers won't dry your skin - if you use the right one! 

The best way to get rid of the day's grit & grime is to use a natural cleanser - one without added perfume or alcohol (which both dry the skin unnecessarily). Use a natural cleanser to clean out your pores, making them ready to absorb your moisturizer. Our favorite is the Citrus & Fruit Acid, which has the added benefit of reducing fine lines (without crazy ingredients)!

Just the Right Amount of Scrubbiness

Our acclaimed Lemon & Thyme Charcoal Face Scrub is another great option. An all-natural face scrub with just the right amount of scrubbiness, it still manages to be gentle enough even for sensitive skin types. It’s got all the great qualities we want in our face care routine, and smells delicious, too!

Natural Bath and Body Products

The same science applies to your body care, so use our all-natural soaps & lotions during & after bath, too!

Whether you’re shopping online, or dropping by one of our retail locations, we’ve got these gift ideas and more. Don’t wait, check out our online store or get something delivered to take care of your skin naturally (and scientifically!)

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