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Got Sanitizer? Here's How to Make Your Own DIY Gel Hand Sanitizer

Got Sanitizer? Here's How to Make Your Own DIY Gel Hand Sanitizer

In these scary times, everyone is talking about staying safe. The first thing to do to avoid catching colds, or the flu, or COVID-19? WASH YOUR HANDS! That's the best thing of all.


Second to that, use a Hand Sanitizer often. We are - sadly - sold out of our own sanitizer. But have you seen the recipe that's being shared everywhere nowadays? Make your own DIY sanitizer! 


Use easy-to-find household ingredients like rubbing alcohol & aloe vera gel, in a 2:1 ratio. Mix, and decant into whatever bottle you like (a sprayer or a pump on top make it convenient to use).


You can add whatever essential oils you like - use what you have on hand, or find all our essential oils & blends here. Some great ones are lavender, tea tree, and grapefruit - or make your own recipe!


As an incentive to do-it-yourself, please bring your homemade sanitizer into one of our Heliotrope locations in SF or OAK, and we'll add one of our essential oils - for free! Choose from lavender, tea tree, grapefruit, our healing blend, or our grounding blend.


Here's the original post for your own DIY project. Thanks, WikiHow!


how to make your own DIY gel hand sanitizer

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