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4 Bathroom Accessories That Will Take Self Care to the Next Level

4 Bathroom Accessories That Will Take Self Care to the Next Level

The bathroom, along with every room in your house, can reflect your personality and style. The towels, rugs and face cloths can reflect your commitment to relaxation and self-care as much as the choices you make in products such as soap, cleanser and moisturizer. The right bath accessories will turn your bathroom into a sanctuary.

Set the mood for a luxurious experience by lighting some candles. The soft glow  of the Soy Wax & Shea Butter Massage Candles diffuse your chosen scent into the air. Choose a candle scent that compliments or coordinates with your bath soap and moisturizer. Once you blow it out, the warm wax can be massaged, by you or another, person into your skin for an all-over moisturizer.

The Beeswax Pillar Candles provide a glow and release negative ions purifying the air. Let the sweet smell reminiscent of honey envelope you as you bathe.

Beeswax pillars in two sizes

Don’t neglect your back! Our Sisal Back Brush makes it easy to get to those hard to reach spots or give yourself a much needed back scratch.

The new Agave Fiber Cloths are handwoven out of natural agave fibers and suds up while gently exfoliating the skin.

Exfoliation is easily achieved either with dry brushing or in the bath itself. Our Sisal Soap Pouch, which fits all of our bars. The soap conveniently suds as you move it over your body.

Sisal Soap Pouch

I relied on inherited towels for much longer than I should have. Then I found the glory of the department store white sale and this allowed me to learn the importance of having fresh towels. Towels are made to last but like most cotton based textiles, they do wear out and lose their absorbancy and loft and effectiveness.

The bathroom is usually the most humid room in the house, so towels sometimes have a hard time drying out completely between uses. It’s important to switch out the towel you are using at least once a week for a thorough wash and dry to prevent mildew or bacteria from taking hold.

When I tested out the towels that Heliotrope carries I found, as I suspected, they aren’t like anything I’ve experienced before. Each towel is unique and suited for different preferences. They are made in Japan on traditional looms and of fibers like flax and cotton.  Our towels come in neutral colors making them a match with most bathroom styles, and they are an elegant presence on the towel rack.

The Kontex Palette Towels and the Kontex Flax Towel. Simple plaid, on the Palette towel or a stripe on the Flax towel woven side pairs with a soft cotton terry cloth on the reverse. These distinct textures provide exceptional absorbancy and the softness increases with every wash.

Towels hanging on racks

The Kontex Lattice towels are like nothing I’ve ever felt before. They are a thick towel with a bounce to the touch. The texture is soft, yet feels as though it is bringing blood to the surface of your skin as you dry off.

The bath mat under your feet can be as cozy as your sheets, your favorite sweater and your slippers.

The Ishikoro Pebble Mat is thick and luxurious with a variety of textures to stimulate your feet.

Close up of Whale nail brush sitting on the Battleship grey pebble bath mat

The influence of nature extends to the Bamboo Bath Mat. The padded texture is a treat for the feet, and the cotton.

On a different side of the spectrum is our minimalist Wooden Bath Mat. The wooden slats lift you away from the cold floor and dry quickly.


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