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6 Reasons to Love Bergamot Aromatherapy

6 Reasons to Love Bergamot Aromatherapy

The fragrance of bergamot has been enchanting people for centuries. Because of it’s wide range of healing properties and its complex citrus scent,it is one of the most popular essential oils As with many plants that have roots in the distant past, it’s origins are debated - everyone wants to take credit.

The tree is thought to be a cross between a sweet lemon and an bitter orange and to originate in the tropical parts of Asia. Under the right conditions, it can be grown in Europe. The tree has been cultivated in Southern Italy for generations, and this is where most of the essential oil comes from. Since the 1600s, it has also been grown throughout the Mediterranean and is not cultivated in the Ivory Coast, Greece, Tunesia, Morocco and Algeria.
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It is widely used in perfume as the scent rounds out the other notes, and it provides a distinct citrus flavor with a bit of spiciness. It is also widely used in the pharmaceutical industry.

It is referenced in Traditional Chinese Medicine, as being useful  in treating digestive issues. And in Ayurveda it is prescribed to help reduce melancholy and to uplift the spirits. It’s fragrance is familiar to tea connouseurs as it is a main ingrediant in Earl Grey tea. The Greeks have been cooking with it, and making sweet liquors with the fruit. Follow this link to a recipe for Bergamot Spoon Sweet    If you make the recipe, let us know how it turns out! 

There are many reasons to love Bergamot aromatherapy, and here are our choices for the top six reasons to bring Bergamot into your life.

  1. The aroma of Bergamot soothes the nerves and reduces tension, anxiety and perhaps even has a positive influence on the effects of depression. Add our Essential Oil Blend Calming (Chamomile Bergamot) https://www.heliotropesf.com/products/essential-oil-blend-chamomile-bergamot-calming to your routine during periods of stress.
  2. Many aromatherapists have noticed that Bergamot has an enlivening effect on the mood. Our Uplifting essential oil blend is perfect for those periods when your energy needs a little boost.
  3. The citrus is a Cicatrisant meaning that it helps scars and other marks on the skin to lessen and even disappear.
  4. Applied topically on healthy skin where there is pain, it can help to reduce pain. The scent stimulates hormones that reduce the nerve sensitivity to pain.
  5. Bergamot contains chemicals that stimulate bile production and other digestive juices, which aids the body in absorbing nutrients.
  6. It has disinfectant and antibacterial qualities which make it an effective deodorant. It inhibits the germs that cause body odor. As is most citrus, used as a room spray or in a diffuser, it is effective as a room freshener.

    Try one of our blends, or develop your own! We will custom blend the essential oils to create your signature fragrance. Bergamot mixes well with so many fragrances such as sandalwood, rosemary, ylang ylang, nutmeg, vetiver, clary sage, frankincense, jasmine and black pepper.

    Come in and smell Bergamot alone or in one of our blends and experience the many ways it can enhance your life!

    Because Bergamot does affect hormone production and regulation, caution must be used if you have a health condition.

    Citrus oils and Bergamot are phototoxic, meaning that they increase the absorption of UV rays. Extreme care must be taken to protect the oil from exposure to the sun both on the skin and when storing. All citrus oils should be stored in low-light conditions in dark bottles. It should only be applied applied to areas of the body that will not be exposed to sun. For example, apply to the lower body, and areas that will be covered by clothes before going into the sun. The aroma will rise giving you the benefits of the essential oil and your skin will be protected.

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