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Soapstone & Alabaster Soap Dishes + Tumblers

Soapstone from India has been used in carvings - both decorative and utilitarian - for centuries. We've used this versatile material for our soap dishes, which are available in various shapes. Except the Alabaster, all are unique and multi-hued, solid soapstone, made in India.

The Oval & the Grooved come in green-hued soapstone; the Rectangle is either green- or beige-hued; the Wave and the Arc are multi-hued; and the Alabaster is - surprise - white.

The tumbler is available in green-hued soapstone (with natural variations) that has an almost-V shape as its diameter decreases towards its base: 4 1/8" tall x 4 1/3" diam (top) and 2 1/4" diam (bottom). The white marble version is smaller and is a true cylinder: 4" tall x 2 5/8" diameter. Both are made in India.

(Please note that soapstone is a naturally porous material, and the tumblers shouldn't be used to store liquids in for long periods).

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