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Sasawashi Scrub Towels

An organic fabric made from a combination of traditional Japanese paper (washi) and the leaves of the Kumazasa plant. This gift of nature from Japan makes for wonderful exfoliating scrub towels, increasing your health and well-being. Scrub Towel has an open mesh weave, and is very exfoliating; Body Towel has a terry weave, and is also exfoliating, but more gentle; Scrub Mitt can be "worn" on your hand - also doubles as a soap pouch, letting you turn any soap bar into an exfoliating mitt (terry weave on one side, flat cotton weave on reverse). Naturally anti-bacterial.

Scrub Towel (exfoliating weave): 10" x 36"

Body Towel (terry weave): 8" x 36"

Scrub Mitt: 5 1/4" x 8" plus loop handle for hanging

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