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The word mint comes from Minthé, originally the name a river nymph from Greek mythology. Minthé caught the eye of Hades, the powerful god of the underworld. As often happened in mythology, Hades' jealous wife, Persephone, transformed the nymph into the water loving plant we know and love today. 

Peppermint leaves, close-up and viewed from above

Peppermint, mentha piperita, is most commonly known as a culinary ingredient. The oil is used to flavor toothpaste, candy and gum. It makes a delicious soothing tea and is always popular in cocktails.

In skin care, mentha  piperita soothes dry, itchy, or irritated skin. It also has skin conditioning properties, and is a popular ingredient in body moisturizers. In our rich and healing Sunflower and Shea Butter Foot Treatment, Mentha Piperita, the menthol contained in the oil, provides a cooling and tingling kick. Menthol also has antibacterial properties.

Most people enjoy the pleasant fragrance of peppermint; when used as a fragrance ingredient, Mentha Piperita may give you more energy and make you feel more alert, while it simultaneously works to ease your tension. You can harness the aromatherapy power of Peppermint to reinvigorate and calm by adding the single oil or one of our blends - Grounding, Energizing, or Relieving - to any of our unscented products. Many people feel that the scent of peppermint helps them to concentrate! Take the power of Peppermint with you in the Grounding and Relieving Aromatherapy Roll-On Oil.

Written by Jen Bator — December 21, 2016

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