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Introducing Luna, our Summer Intern

In Luna's own words -

My first day at Heliotrope was a really good day for me. My supervisor Jonathan has been great with me. Yesterday since I'm not really familiar with things around the store yet, it was mostly an introduction for me about what I'm going to be doing while I'm working here and what things were open for me to do.

Jonathan yesterday let me go through Heliotrope's social media such as Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook. While I was going through those, I was getting a taste of the image he wants to set for his line of natural skincare. Just on my first day, I've seen how Jonathan really cares about his products and how they are presented and how his expectations for himself are high. He wants to make sure his customers get what they want and that they are pleased with the product.

Heliotrope is an amazing line of skincare products that are natural and locally made. They are also fragrance free, which is a huge plus because other brands that contain perfume usually tend to irritate your skin. Heliotrope's goal is for your skin to look and feel great. Two of Jonathan's favorite are serums: one is called "Cucumber & Botanical Healing Serum," which combines soothing aloe and hydrating cucumber to tackle dry , tight, irritated skin; his other favorite is the "Frankincense & Rose Geranium Oil Serum," which helps balance and tone oily skin, soothe blemishes and help relieve dryness and irritation.

All ingredients are natural, and will not make your skin dry or very oily - it will balance it for your skin to feel and look great.


- Luna is a student in the San Francisco Unified School District, and her summer internship is sponsored by SFMade and JVS.

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