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One day while walking in the forest, the Greek goddess Chloris came upon the body of a wood nymph. She felt saddened that such a beautiful creature had died. She transformed her body into a flower and breathed life into her new form. She called out to her husband, Zephyrus the west wind, to blow the clouds away and allow the Sun of Apollo to shine on the flower. Aphrodite then bestowed her gift, Beauty. Dionysus, the god of wine and intoxication gave the new flower a nectar which imparts an intoxicating aroma. The three Graces gave the bloom the gifts of joy, charm and splendor. They all agreed that it was a spectacular flower and called it the blossom “The Queen of Flowers.“ Aphrodite named the bloom Rose and dedicated it to her son Eros, the god of love.

rosa damascena single bloom

 People have been making Rosewater for centuries. The process has remained much the same over time, and was first developed in Persia around 1200 BCE. Several thousand years later, in about 1582, Rose essential oil was discovered at the wedding feast of the Emperor Djihanguyr to princess Nour-Djihan. Canals were dug and filled with rosewater. As the day grew warmer, an oily film appeared on the top of the water. The oil contained the strong scent of roses, and it was immediately recognized as desirable. Soon the essential oil, Attar, was produced during the same process as the Rosewater.

The Damask Rose is one of the types of Roses used to produce both Rosewater and Rose Essential oil. The flowers must be picked before sunrise, as the sun causes the release of fragrance. The petals are crushed slightly and they are steamed in copper stills to release their essence - volatile therapeutic properties - into the water. It takes many pounds of petals to produce an ounce of the essential oil, which is drawn off. The Rosewater is captured drop by drop. Rosewater and the essential oil both contain the healing properties of the flower.We’ve talked about all of the healing benefits found in Rosehips. As you might imagine, Rose Petals also have many of the same healing properties. Science has found that the very scent of roses soothes the nerves and relieves tension. Roses have over 400 chemical constituents and science is still doing research into the benefits of the Rose.  
rosa damascena double bloom


An especially powerful aspect of Rose oil is that it increases skin permeability. When used in skin care products Rose Oil opens the skin and causes it to absorb more nutrients and healing chemicals.

 Rose has anti-microbial properties which helps the skin heal from issues like acne and blemishes. The antimicrobial component - Citral - is also essential for vitamin A synthesis.  Rose oil is an astringent which tones and lifts the skin and decreases the appearance of wrinkles. The component Cicatrisant helps to fade scars and blemishes. Eugenol acts as a powerful antioxidant. Antioxidants help reduce the development of free-radicals, protect cells, and promote the growth of new cells. On top of all of this, Rose contains an aromatic compound that is also in chocolate. The compound may act as an aphrodisiac by activating the pleasure centers in the brain, and it also relieves tension.

Two of our favorite eye treatments harness the power of Rose. Rosewater & Vitamins Eye Lift Cream has both Rosewater and Rose essential oil, along with other nutrient-rich ingredients to rejuvenate the sensitive skin near the eyes. Our Chamomile & Lupine Reparative Eye Gel is a lighter formula that soothes and reduces puffiness as its healing properties get to work.

 Bring the power of antioxidants to your cleansing routine with our Rose & Ginseng Cream Cleanser. Rosewater decreases the appearance of wrinkles and tackles blemishes and reduces discoloration. Your skin will look brighter and more clear!

 Our Aromatherapy Spray Mist for Body & Home can be customized with two of our popular essential oil blends. Seductive Blend combines the scent of Rose with Clove and Vanilla for a bewitching fragrance. Rejuvenating Blend combines Damask Rose and Ylang Ylang in an energizing fragrance.

These are but a few of our many products that bring the ancient beauty and benefits of Rose in your daily routine.


Written by Jen Bator — January 16, 2017

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