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5 Ways to Heal Your Skin

5 Ways to Heal Your Skin

Summer weather is tough on the skin. The sun and hot weather pull all moisture from the body drying the skin out. Air conditioning can also dry your skin.

When it’s hot, my skin can feel tense and prickly, as though it is stretched too tight. If you’re experiencing this too, you know that relief can be hard to find. The skin is the permeable boundary between the inner and the outer world. It can show the effects of external and internal conditions. For example, if you’re dehydrated, it’s likely that your skin will show some signs either through how it looks or how it feels. As I always recommend, drink water and other hydrating liquids.

Ice Water with Slice of Lemon

Slices of lemon or lime will add the essential antioxidant vitamin C and boost the benefits.

1. Add moisture to the air

In dry climates and conditions, a humidifier can help your skin find some relief. Our new  House Aromatherapy Diffuser and Bottle style will release both essential moisture and healing scents into the air. The charming House diffuser emits puffs of mist from its chimney. 

2. Protect your delicate lips

Soothe your lips with our Shea Butter & Almond Lip Balm. I talk about Shea Butter often because it is amazing at moisturizing and then locking in the hydration which is also brought by the almond oil in this case.

Desert in Morocco

3. Cleanse & Exfoliate

In order for your skin to rejuvenate, older skin cells need to be removed. Daily use of a cleanser and exfoliant all-in-one, such as our Walnut & Botanical Exfoliating Wash, saves time while it soothes as it gently exfoliates.

4. Layer antioxidants

Our Rose & Nettle Daytime Face Serum brings important antioxidants to your skin which protect and reduce the harm caused by the sun and other exposure that can cause damage. The comfrey in this serum is naturally soothing and will ease any inflammation.

5. Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

We often talk about hydration here and this is because it’s essential. All of your cells need water to survive and thrive.  A good moisturizer brings moisture to the cells and then creates a barrier so that the moisture is sealed in.  We have moisturizers for the face and for the entire body. Each has a different texture so you can easily find one that suits your skin's individual needs.

Our Olive Leaf & Neroli Moisturizer is perfect for when the skin of your face feels tight or sensitive. It is designed to cool the skin and reduce inflammation. The combination of aloe with chamomile and olive leaf soothes the skin and cools any inflammation. Chamomile is well respected as a powerful healer of many forms of irritation.

Close-up of Olives and Olive leaves

Your whole body will benefit from the nourishing effects of our Jojoba & Shea Butter Hydrating Lotion. Aloe will bring moisture and healing to the skin, while shea butter also hydrates as it seals in the benefits.  The jojoba adds to the deep conditioning effect of this creamy lotion.

Skin health comes from the inside out. It may be a cliché to say that what you put onto your body is as important as what you put into your body, but there is usually some truth behind all clichés. You can trust that our products are made from the finest natural ingredients. Each ingredient is chosen for its efficacy in healing and treating the skin.

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