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How are our Olive Oil Soaps made?

We use the cold process soap-making process. This means organic oils are saponified* at a (comparatively) low temperature. It also means that our soap bars can be stored unwrapped and exposed to air. 

Here's what happens:

1. extra virgin organic olive oil is blended with organic palm & coconut oils

2. a strong base (lye) is added to the oil mixture, which - through the magic of chemistry - creates three soap molecules plus one glycerin molecule

3. as this mixture is stirred and warmed to just above room temperature, soap begins to form

4. essential oils and other pure botanicals & natural additives are added for scent, texture, and efficacy

5. the new soap is poured into wooden molds and covered

6. after a few days, when the soap is still warm & not quite hard, the bars are cut and our logo is stamped into each bar

7. the soap then cures for four to six weeks


We absolutely adore our Organic Olive Oil soaps. Please check them out here. Also, note that we've discontinued the Orange Cinnamon soap in order to being in a fabulous new fragrance later this year. It'll be phenomenal, trust me.


* "saponification" - those of you who studied high school French will recognize le mot français <savon> which derives from the Latin <saponem> for "soap" SO... "saponify" = "to make into soap"

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