Kontex Flax Towels (stack of varying sized towels)
Kontex Flax Towels (stack of varying sized towels)
Kontex Flax Towels (small stack of bath towel & hand towel & washcloth)
Kontex Flax Towels (Close-up of edge stripe)

Kontex Flax Towels

$84.00 USD $84.00 USD

Kontex towels are woven at gentle speeds on an old fashioned weaving machine. This manufacturing process brings out the natural softness of the materials and makes these towels as soft and silky as cashmere, yet durable enough for everyday use. One side is a flat weave, the other terry for more absorbency.

  • 100% cotton
  • Made in Japan
  • Bath towel is 23 3/4" x 49 1/4"
  • Hand towel is 13 1/4" x 33 1/2"
  • Washcloth is 13 1/4" square
  • Machine wash

Blue striped towels have a cream-colored background, Grey stripe has an oatmeal-colored background (burgundy stripe has been discontinued). Organic cotton from Imabari, Japan.

Customer Reviews

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h (Cincinnati, Ohio)
How are they flax if they are 100% cotton?

wtf lol

We're sorry that you were disappointed. Right on the product page, you can see that we're very clear about these towels being 100% cotton. The Japanese manufacturer has named this style 'Flax' and we followed along, since that's how they're known online at other retailers. We've sold this particular style for over ten years, and we're happy to report no one has ever given us any negative feedback in all this time.

If you'd like to return them, please let us know.
Thank you.

Chris S.
Wonderful Hand Towels

The Kontex flax towels are beautifully designed and incredibly soft. They are perfect if you are looking for something a little out of the ordinary from the traditional bathroom linen.

Thanks for taking the time to write - we're so happy you're enjoying your towels.

patrick c.
A problem with the towel l ordered

I have enjoyed shopping through your website. However my last order
was a disappointment. The towel turned from navy blue to brownish red.
I tried to send you pictures, but l had some technical problems.
I would like a refund or even better, maybe you can send me the white
towel with the 10 navy blue stripes. Thank You

Patrick, I'm sorry your review wasn't seen until now because I was on vacation - and never got a notice from the website that a new review was posted.

I'm sorry that the towels didn't work out - how about returning them for a refund? I honestly think these are different towels than what you first ordered, and that's why they look different, but there's really no way from your pictures to tell, so I'd rather see them in person.

We'll issue a shipping label for you to send the 2 towels back to us - if I send it via email, will you be able to print it out & apply to the package you send back?


please feel free to reply via email to jonathan@heliotropesf.com