organic cotton pebble bath mats from Japan ishikoro
organic cotton pebble bath mats from Japan ishikoro
ishikoro pebble bath mat cotton japan
Ishikoro Pebble Bath Mat (close-up, dark gray)
Ishikoro Pebble Bath Mat (light gray)
ishikoro pebble bath mat cotton japan

Japanese Ishikoro Pebble Bath Mat

$84.00 USD

This Ishikoro Bath Mat is a collaboration between Ottaipnu, an original fabric brand by textile designer Masaru Suzuki, and Yoshii Towel from Japan. This pebble design looks gorgeous and feels great under your feet. Thick, absorbent and beautiful. Available in Dark Grey (a real dark 'battleship grey'), Light Grey (which actually looks quite like taupe in reality!), White, and now - Black!

  • 100% cotton
  • Made in Japan
  • 20" W x 29" L
  • Machine wash

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Ishikoro bath mat

Love this bath mat! The pebble texture is so pleasant to step on. I liked it so much, I want to buy a second one for the other bathroom.

We love these, too! So glad it's working out for you & thanks for taking the time to write.

Jessica L.
My favorite bath mat

This is actually my second time purchasing this bath mat, this time from across the country after I moved. I first discovered this bath mat in store. The pebble texture is unexpectedly delightful to step on, and the mat holds up to washings in the washer/dryer.

Thanks so much for taking the time to write - we're so glad you like our Japanese bathroom textiles.

Tina G.
Bath mat

Thick plush and the perfect mat to step onto after a shower.

Thanks for your kind words! Glad you're enjoying it.

Nora C.R.
Bath mat

Feels good stepping on this mat after the shower but it does snag easily. My cat got to it and the mat came undone in some areas. Keep away from cats

Glad you liked this, but oh, we're sorry about the kitty! The dense high pile must be very attractive...