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natural sfmade fragrance free sustainable

Official Name Origins Properties Safety
ammonium chloride ammonia, hydrogen chloride (naturally found in volcanoes) thickener, ph balancing safe
anhydroxylitol fermentation of wheat & wood humectant safe (but may trigger gluten sensitivity)
arachidyl alcohol peanut oil thickener, emollient safe (but may trigger peanut sensitivity)
aspartic acid plant source (molasses) amino acid, water binding safe
arachidyl glucoside glucose surfactant, emulsifier safe
babassuamide MEA babassu (palm fruit) surfactant, conditioning safe
babassuamidopropyl betaine
babassu (palm fruit)
anti-static safe
behentrimonium methosulfate rapeseed (canola) oil emulsifier, detangler safe (may trigger allergic reaction)
behenyl alcohol corn thickener, emulsifier safe (may irritate sensitive skin)
benzyl alcohol fruits & teas such as apricots & cranberries preservative safe
betaine sugar beets humectant, anti-irritant safe
C10-30 cholesterol/lanosterol esters lanolin (wool) soothing safe
C12-15 alkyl benzoate cranberries, coconut oil emollient, thickener safe
C13-14 isoparaffin paraffin emollient, thickener safe
sodium C14-16 olephine sulfonate coconut oil detergent safe (may be drying)
capryl hydroxamic acid coconut oil neutral pH, preservative, anti-fungal safe
caprylic/capric triglyceride coconut oil moisturizer, softener, resistant to rancidity safe
capryloyl glycine palm, coconut oil conditioner, surfactant, maintains skin moisture safe
caprylyl glycol palm, coconut oil humectant, moisturizing, preservative, stabilizer safe
caprylyl/capryl glucoside coconut, corn or fruit sugars surfactant safe
ceteareth 20 (emulsifying wax) derived from vegetable waxes
improves product texture
cetearyl alcohol natural fats & oils stabilizer, emollient safe
cetearyl glucoside coconut, corn oil emulsifier, maintains skin moisture safe
cetearyl olivate olive oil nourishing, emollient safe
cetrimonium chloride ammonia anti-static safe (but may irritate sensitive skin)
cetyl alcohol palm oil, coconut oil (orig from whales) emollient, emulsifier, thickener safe
cetyl esters wax palm oil, coconut oil (orig from whales) emollient, emulsifier, thickener safe
cetyl palmitate
palm oil, coconut oil (orig from whales)
surfactant, emulsifier, thickener safe
chitosan succinamide crustacean shells soothing safe
chlorophyllin copper complex plant chlorophyll, copper deodorant, colorant safe
coco-caprylate/caprate coconut oil conditioning, hydrating safe
cocoglucoside coconut oil, fruit sugar surfactant, emulsifier,  moisturizing safe
cocamide DIPA coconut oil surfactant safe
cocamide MEA coconut oil surfactant safe
cocamidopropyl betainamide mea chloride coconut oil surfactant safe
cocamidopropyl betaine coconut oil surfactant safe
cocoglucoside coconut oil, fruit sugar surfactant, emulsifier, conditioner safe
copper gluconate copper antioxidant safe
copper PCA copper antioxidant safe
cyclomethicone silicon lubricant safe (may irritate sensitive skin)
cyclopentasiloxane silicon conditioner, lubricant safe (may irritate sensitive skin)
decyl glucoside glucose, corn starch, coconut surfactant safe
dehydroacetic acid ketone anti-fungal, preservative safe
di (lauryldimethylammoniumhydroxypropyl) lauryl polyglucoside long chain sugars surfactant (non-drying) safe
dicetyldimonium chloride ammonia anti-static, surfactant safe (may trigger allergic reaction)
diglycerin glycerin humectant safe
dimethicone silicon lubricant, conditioner safe (may irritate sensitive skin)
dipalmitoyl hydroxyproline plant-derived collagen antioxidant, firming safe
dipotassium glycyrrihizinate licorice root extract anti-inflammatory, anti-irritant safe
disodium cocoamphodiacetate coconut oil surfactant safe
disodium cocoyl glutamate coconut oil surfactant safe
disodium EDTA chemical derivation stabilizer, preservative
safe (may trigger allergic reaction)
disodium laureth sulfosuccinate chemical derivation surfactant safe
disodium-2 sulfolaurate coconut oil surfactant safe
DMDM hydantoin chemical derivation preservative (may release formaldehyde)
safe (may irritate sensitive skin)
ethylhexylglycerin glycerin surfactant, deodorant
safe (may irritate sensitive skin)
ferulic acid bran antioxidant safe
galactoarabinin larch tree dispersant, maintains skin moisture safe
gluconolactone honey, fruit juices preservative safe
glyceryl caprylate vegetable oils emulsifier, hydrator safe
glyceryl laurate glycerin deodorant
safe (may irritate sensitive skin)
glyceryl oleate naturally occurring oils & fats surfactant safe
glyceryl polyacrylate glycerin emollient, emulsifier, surfactant safe
glyceryl stearate vegetable fats emulsifier, emollient, surfactant safe
glycoproteins sugars hydrator safe
glycol distearate soybean, canola oil opacifier, emollient, safe (avoid eye area)
glycol stearate vegetable fats
opacifier, emollient
safe (avoid eye area)
guar hydroxypropyltrimonium chloride guar (cluster beans) anti-static safe (may trigger allergic reaction)
histidine amino acid promotes collagen production safe
hydrogenated starch hydrolysate carbohydrate syrup, corn starch humectant, anti-irritation safe
hydrolyzed glycosaminoglycans animal or plant derived increases elasticity safe
hydroxyethylcellulose cellulose thickener safe
hydroxyproline amino acid
promotes collagen production
hydroxypropyl guar guar (cluster beans) thickener safe
inositol hexaphosphate naturally occurring in vegetables antioxidant safe
isoleucine amino acid antioxidant safe
isopropyl myristate nutmeg emollient, thickener, lubricant safe (avoid eye area)
isopropyl palmitate coconut, palm oil lubricant, thickener safe
lauramide MEA lauric acid (naturally occurring in animal & coconut milks) surfactant, thickener safe
lauric acid (naturally occurring in animal & coconut milks)
surfactant, emulsifier safe
lauryl glucoside coconut, glucose surfactant safe
linoleamidopropyl phosphatidyl PG-dimonium chloride ammonia anti-static, emollient safe
magnesium aluminum silicate purified clay thickener safe
magnesium aspartate aspartine (amino acid)
facilitates absorption of other ingredients
maltooligosyl glucoside carbohydrate syrup, cornstarch binder, anti-irritant safe
methyl gluceth-20 glucose humectant, thickener safe
methylsilanol mannuronate seaweed antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, promotes collagen production safe
oleth-20 unsaturated vegetable oils stabilizer safe
p-anisic acid anise antiseptic, preservative safe
PCA glyceryl oleate amino acids conditioner safe
PEG-40 castor oil castor oil emulsifier and fragrance ingredient safe
PEG-100 stearate
stearic acid (naturally occurring)
emulsifier; emollient safe
PEG-150 distearate stearic acid (naturally occurring) thickener safe
PEG-150 pentaerythrityl tetrastearate stearic acid (naturally occurring) thickener safe
PEG-75 lanolin lanolin protectant, emulsifier safe
phenoxyethanol organic compound bacteriacide safe
phenylalanine amino acid conditioning safe
phospholipids various vegetable fats softener, emollient safe
polyacrylamide derived from units of acrylamide binder, thickener safe (but there may be traces of acrylamide, a neurotoxin)
polyglyceryl-5 oleate naturally occurring oleic acid emollient, surfactant safe
polyquaternium-4 ammonia anti-static, gloss safe
polyquaternium-7 cellulose anti-static, gloss safe
polyquaternium-10 AKA quaternium-19 cellulose anti-static, thickener safe
polysorbate 20 sorbitol (from glucose) emulsifier safe
polysorbate 60 sorbitol (from glucose) emulsifier safe
potassium hydroxide potash (naturally occurring) an integral part of the (liquid) soap-making process safe (once saponified)
potassium myristate nutmeg emulsifier, detergent safe
potassium sodium copper chlorophyllin plant chlorophyll, copper colorant, deodorant safe
potassium sorbate sorbic acid (from berries) preservative safe
PPG-2 hydroxyethyl coco/isostearamide coconut oil thickener safe
proline amino acid promotes cell growth safe
propylene glycol coconut oil moisturizer safe
quaternium-15 ammonia anti-static, preservative

safe (may trigger allergic reactions)

salicylic acid willow bark oil reducer, anti-acne safe
sarcosine amino acid reduces sebum production safe
sclerotium gum fermentation thickener, stabilizer safe
serine amino acid conditioner, anti-static  safe
sodium anisate plant acid anti-inflammatory, anti-irritant safe
sodium benzoate benzoin tree gum preservative safe
sodium carbomer acrylic acid thickener, dispersant safe
sodium citrate naturally occurring citric acid controls pH safe
sodium cocoamphoacetate coconut surfactant safe
sodium cocoyl glutamate coconut oil & fermented sugar softens water safe
sodium cocoyl isethionate coconut oil surfactant safe
sodium cocoyl alkyl esters coconut surfactant safe
sodium hyaluronate hyaluronic acid (naturally occurring in human bodies) lubricant, binder safe
sodium hydroxide lye an integral part of the soap-making process safe (once saponified)
sodium hydroxymethylglycinate glycine (amino acid) preservative safe
sodium lactate lactic acid (from sugar beets) maintains skin hydration safe
sodium lauroamphoacetate coconut surfactant safe
sodium lauroyl glutamate
glutamine (amino acid)
surfactant safe
sodium lauroyl lactylate
lauric acid (naturally occurring in animal & coconut milks)
emulsifier, surfactant safe
sodium lauroyl methyl isethionate coconut oil surfactant safe
sodium lauroyl oat amino acids oat protein anti-static, surfactant safe
sodium lauroyl sarcosinate creatine, caffeine surfactant, conditioner safe
sodium levulinate levulinic acid from corn preservative safe
sodium methyl cocoyl taurate coconut oil surfactant safe
sodium methyl e-sulfolautate coconut oil surfactant safe
sodium myristate nutmeg surfactant safe
sodium phytate phytic acid from corn surfactant safe
sodium sesquicarbonate baking soda water softener safe
sodium stearate
stearic acid (naturally occurring)
stabilizer, thickener safe
sodium xylene sulfonate sodium salt of ring sulfonated mixed xylene isomers. surfactant safe
sorbic acid ash tree berries preservative safe
sorbitan oleate sorbitol (from glucose) emulsifier safe (may irritate sensitive skin)
sorbitan olivate / cetearyl olivate olive oil, sorbitol moisturizer, softener, gloss safe
sorbitol glucose humectant, thickener safe
squalane olive oil similar to human sebum component safe
stearalkonium chloride
stearic acid (naturally occurring)
anti-static, surfactant safe
stearamidopropyl pg-dimonium chloride phosphate stearic acid (naturally occurring) anti-static safe
stearyl alcohol
stearic acid (naturally occurring
conditioner, thickener safe
stearyl glycyrrhetinate licorice  anti-inflammatory, protectant safe
superoxide dismutase enzyme (from grains, green vegetables) antioxidant safe
tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate Vitamin C promotes collagen production; protects against environmental damage safe (essential nutrient)
tetrahydrocurcuminoids turmeric antioxidant, toner safe
tetrasodium EDTA
chemical derivation
water softener, preservative safe (may trigger allergic reaction)
tetrasodium glutamate diacetate various plant material rinsing agent safe
threonine amino acid anti-static, conditioner safe
titanium dioxide naturally occurring mineral thickener, colorant, natural sunscreen ingredient safe
trehalose plant sugars moisturizer safe
undecylenoyl glycine coconut oil surfactant, conditioner safe
valine amino acid antioxidant safe
xylitol sesquicaprylate wood sugars humectant safe
xylitylglucoside anhydroxylitol xylitol xylitol (naturally occurring) moisturizer safe
zinc acetyl methionate methionine (amino acid) conditioner safe
zinc gluconate glucose deodorant, anti-acne safe
zinc oxide
naturally occurring mineral
healing wounds, anti-acne, natural sunscreen ingredient safe


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