Our Naturally Derived Ingredients


natural sustainable sfmade fragrance free

Official Name Origins Properties Safety
alanine amino acid anti-static, skin-smoother safe
allantoin (alcloxa) orig "udder cream" (now plant-derived) smoothing, moisturizing, promotes cell growth safe
almond meal ground almond nuts scrub safe
amorphus silica silica (sand) sparkling agent safe (must not be inhaled)
arginine naturally occurring amino acid healing, lowers blood pressure safe (essential nutrient)
arrowroot starch arrowroot absorbent safe
ascorbyl (vitamin C) palmitate Vitamin C antioxidant, promotes collagen production safe (essential nutrient)
astrocaryum murumuru butter Brazil essential fatty acids, moisturizing safe
autolyzed yeast breaks down naturally to amino acids; fungus moisturizing, antioxidant, softening; conditioning safe
avena sativa (oat) beta glucan oat bran emollient, thickener; soothing, anti-inflammatory, promotes collagen production safe
beeswax purified beeswax emollient, emulsifier safe
butter extract cow's milk emollient, nourishing safe
calcium naturally occuring mineral regulates sebum, stimulates antioxidant production safe
caprylyl/capryl wheat bran/straw glycosides wheat bran surfactant, emulsifier
safe (may trigger gluten sensitivity)
cetearyl wheat straw glycoside wheat surfactantn emulsifier safe
cholecalciferol (vitamin D) naturally produced by human skin anti-bacterial safe (essential nutrient)
citric acid lemons helps with clogged pores, facilitates absorption of other ingredients  safe (may increase photo-sensitivity)
cocoa butter cocao nut antioxidant, moisturizer; healing safe
coconut alcohol coconut emollient; emulsifier safe
coconut milk coconut vitamin C; helps with elasticity, moisturizing safe
corn flour corn thickener, absorbs oil safe
Dead Sea salts naturally occuring mineral exfoliant, purifying safe
emulsifying wax (NF) derived from vegetable waxes improves product texture safe
ethanol grain alcohol sanitizer, antiseptic safe (may dry or irritate skin)
fusel wheat bran/straw glycosides wheat sugars surfactant, emulsifyer
safe (may trigger gluten sensitivity)
glucose simple sugar humectant safe
glycerin vegetable fats humectant, smoothing safe
glycine max (soybean) protein, sterols, amino acids soybeans anti-redness, promotes collagen production, improves skin tone safe
goat's milk goats vitamin A, bioactive - facilitates absorption of other ingredients safe
gossypium herbaceum (cotton) seed extract cotton skin conditioning safe
hydrogenated castor oil castor bean calming, smoothing, thickening safe
hydrogenated vegetable oil vegetable oil thickener safe
hydrolyzed candida saitoana extract fermentation detoxifying, purifying safe
hydrolyzed fucus vesiculosus protein wheat, rice, whey antioxidants; amino acids; vitamins; minerals safe 
(may trigger gluten sensitivity)
hydrolyzed linseed extract flax conditioning safe
hydrolyzed lupine, oat, rice, soy, sweet almond, wheat proteins lupine, oat, rice, soy, wheat, sweet almond antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins, minerals
safe (may trigger gluten sensitivity)
hydrolyzed quinoa extract quinoa protects hair shaft safe
hydrolyzed wheat starch wheat minimizes pores, strengthens hair shaft
safe (may trigger gluten sensitivity)
hydroxypropyltrimonium honey honey humectant, antioxidant, balancing safe
inulin chicory root humectant safe
juglans regia (walnut) shell walnut exfoliant safe
kaolin clay balancing, purifying, soothing safe
konjac root powder (amorphophallus) konjac (konyakku) humectant safe
lecithin (hydrogenated) soybeans emulsifier, moisturizer safe
magnesium naturally occurring mineral humectant, reduces oil


magnesium hydroxide naturally occurring mineral (milk of magnesia) deodorant, antiseptic safe
magnesium sulfate naturally occurring mineral (epsom salt) anti-inflammatory safe
maltodextrin corn, rice, potato, wheat Binding agent; absorbent; may soften skin; may improve anti-aging properties of other ingredients safe (may trigger gluten insensitivity)
Maris sal (sea salt) sea salt healing, detoxifying, exfoliant safe
menthol mint cooling, anti-redness, increases circulation safe (but may irritate sensitive skin)
Montmorillonite clay naturally occurring mineral oil absorption, exfoliant, detoxification safe
gardenia tahitensis (monoi) flower extract gardenia  moisturizing, anti-inflammatory safe
oat beta glucan oat sugars healing, promotes collagen production, anti-redness safe
oat flour oats soothing, anti-inflammatory, anti-itch safe
oatmeal (colloidal) oats soothing, anti-inflammatory, anti-itch safe
olea europaea (olive) leaf olive antioxidant, promotes cell production safe
panthenol (pro-vitamin B5) Vitamin B5 anti-irritant, promotes cell production, moisturizer safe (essential nutrient)
propolis cera produced by bees moisturizer, anti-bacterial, anti-septic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant safe
retinyl (vitamin A) palmitate Vitamin A anti-inflammatory, promotes collagen production safe (may increase photosensitivity)
rice amino acids rice conditioning, promotes collagen production safe
saccharomyces lysate extract yeast antioxidant, healing, protective safe
sericin silkworms antioxidant, maintains skin hydration safe
shea butter amidopropyl betaine shea nut surfactant safe
sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) naturally occurring mineral pH adjuster, buffering agent, abrasive safe (may irritate sensitive skin)
sodium castorate (castor) oil castor bean humectant, lubricating safe
sodium chloride table salt increases viscosity, exfoliating safe (naturally occurring in human skin) 
sodium cocoyl apple amino acid coconuts, apples conditioning, surfactant safe
sodium lauroyl oat amino acid oat proteins anti-static, surfactant safe
sodium PCA amino acids hygroscopic safe (naturally occurring in human skin)
sucrose (organic) table sugar exfoliator, balancing, 
maintains skin hydration
sucrose cocoate coconuts, beets surfactant, emollient safe
talc (magnesium silicate) naturally occurring mineral absorbent safe (must not be inhaled)
tapioca starch cassava root thickener safe
tocopherol (vitamin E) acetate Vitamin E healing, antioxidant safe (essential nutrient)
vegetable collagen
various (vegetable sources)
increases elasticity safe
vegetable oil various (vegetable sources) (may be) antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, balancing safe
wheat amino acids wheat conditioning, humectant,  hydrating safe (may trigger gluten sensitivity)
xanthan gum fermented sugars thickener safe (may trigger gluten sensitivity due to growing medium)
xylitol natural sugars humectant, conditioner safe
yeast extract fermentation conditioning, softening safe


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