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Why Customizing your Essential Oil Blends is Good for You & Good for the Environment!

Why Customizing your Essential Oil Blends is Good for You & Good for the Environment!

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What’s Your Blend?

Did you know that at Heliotrope we provide essential oil blending and customization? We offer healing and moisturizing skin care products without added fragrance, and then consult with each client to create custom, individualized aromatherapy blends. We use all-natural, undiluted essential oils. 

It’s one of our favorite things to do for our customers. We want everyone to have the perfect product for them. Below we’ve put together a short list of the benefits of being able to customize your skin care products: 

Choosing Fragrance Free

Sometimes you don’t want a scent in your body products, and that’s why we offer a fragrance-free option. Fragrant-free products appeal to everyone and are - naturally - non-gendered. In fact, fragrance-free products can make great gifts, especially for those who are sensitive to perfumes - as well as families with newborns or babies on the way. 

The Perfect Scent

If you like scent, add pure essential oils. They contain no synthetic perfumes. Create a unique blend so that you don’t smell like anyone else. 

Variety Is the Spice

The beauty of customization is that you can experience the whole range of essential oils and choose the ones that fit you best! Get a few smaller sizes & explore the options! 

Whole Body Benefit

Essential oils not only affect just your nose but can be beneficial to your overall health. For thousands of years, humans have been using aromatherapy to promote the health of the body, mind, and spirit. Aromatherapy is known to have both psychological and physical benefits. Read more about it on our blog entry: What is Aromatherapy? 

Reduce Waste

Last but not least, when you create a personalized product, you know you’ll be happy with it. You won’t waste product. Plus, you can reuse the packaging! Live near one of our stores in SF or Oakland? Bring back most empty bottles or jars to refill your Heliotrope product at a discount - save money and save the environment!



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There are a few Heliotrope products we’d like to spotlight that are wonderfully suited for personalization:

Aromatherapy Roll-on Oil - Our customers asked for a roll-on "perfume oil" for ages and here it is! Jojoba is a great scent-free "base" oil and is the closest oil to human sebum (oil our own skin makes), so it won’t clog pores. Though this roll-on comes in several pre-made scents (Balancing, Meditative, Grounding, Seductive, Centering, and Relieving blends) you can create a custom scent as well. To create a roll-on oil with any other essential oil blends we offer when ordering online, please choose "Customizable" from the drop-down menu, and put a note on your order with your choice(s). 

Aromatherapy Spray Mist for Body and Home - Aloe, açai, and pomegranate, among other all-natural oils and extracts, combine to create an all-purpose aromatherapy mist. This item is available Fragrance Free, or choose from one of our most popular Essential Oil blends in the drop-down menu (Balancing, Meditative, and Seductive blends), or, you can customize it with any Essential Oil(s) you like (see the complete list here). Just leave us a note in your shopping cart specifying your choices.

Organic Massage Lotion - The combination of Aloe and Arnica creates the perfect vehicle for a therapeutic cream that heals, moisturizes and absorbs slowly into the skin. Try it for an all-over massage or for spot treatment - there’s no need to rinse after treatment! Customize it with any Essential Oil(s) you like (see the complete list here). Just leave us a note in your shopping cart specifying your choices.


You can learn more in this article. Recently, one of our clients brought this article to our attention on the Kaiser Permanente website.

We love providing choices at Heliotrope—where natural gets personal. Enjoy the most simple, effective blends of natural ingredients, or explore customizing our fragrance-free products. The choice is yours! 

What’s your favorite aromatherapy oil blend? Tell us in the comments below. 

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