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Bees, honey, and wax - oh my!  (Part 2)

Bees, honey, and wax - oh my! (Part 2)

In Part 1 of this blog we discussed how honey and beeswax are made and some of their healing properties. 

Like we touched on previously, we know that honey is packed with components beneficial for your skin. It can help balance the bacteria on your skin, making it helpful to use for acne, and it can help speed up the skin cell’s natural healing process. If you have eczema, psoriasis, or blemishes, unpasteurized honey can speed healing and reduce inflammation. Honey is both an emollient and a humectant, meaning it softens the skin/hair and attracts moisture to stay hydrated.

Beeswax is also a humectant. It moisturizes skin by creating a protective layer, and hair by “sealing the shaft.” It’s a great natural wax base for pomades and other hair products, to help keep hair in place. It’s also a natural exfoliator - ideal for sloughing away dead skin cell buildup.

Let’s take a look at some of our favorite products that include honey and beeswax. 

Our favorite products with honey 

Our Organic Agave & Shea Butter Sugar Scrub polishes the skin without overdrying. Agave lifts away dead skin cells, while honey and shea butter coat the skin, leaving it extremely smooth. Antioxidant grapeseed oil and vitamins D and E fortify and renew. Use daily to wake up and revitalize your entire body. Available in our lovely relaxing "Grounding" essential blend, which includes lavender & sage. 

Try our Panthenol Shampoo & Conditioner in One if you are looking for a mild formula that cleanses the scalp while strengthening and protecting hair. Panthenol (pro-vitamin B5) coats the hair shaft, sealing in moisture. This item is available fragrance free, or choose from one of our popular essential oil blends - see the complete list here. Available in 2 oz or 16 oz.

Get the same hair and skin benefits for your favorite pup! Our Aromatherapy Protective Dog Shampoo cleans and conditions in one step. Perfect for dogs with sensitive skin and fur of all lengths and textures! Treat yourself AND your doggo pal.

Our favorite products with beeswax

Sunflower and Shea Butter foot treatment moisturizing healing

Speaking of doggos - take care of your own barking dogs with our Sunflower and Shea Butter Foot Treatment. Your dry, tired feet will rejoice when you pamper them with this thick cream. Shea butter is an excellent moisturizer while sunflower oil is easily absorbed. Mint adds a little tingle. Anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory - use this treatment as a lotion or as a foot massage.

heliotrope best natural skincare products hand and cuticle therapy

Don’t forget about your hands! Our Hand & Cuticle Therapy is an extra-rich cream that helps repair dry, cracked skin. Aloe, shea butter, vegetable oils, natural waxes, and soothing lavender will make your hands fresh, supple and healthy in no time. Doubles as a great massage cream!

Shea Butter and Almond lip balm natural skin care moisturizing

Beeswax is an excellent friend when it comes to healing dry lips! Try our Shea Butter and Almond Lip Balm with its all-natural ingredients and myriad of moisturizers—such as organic sweet almond oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, beeswax, vitamin E and essential oils. Refreshing, lasting protection from the elements that you can use daily; available in four all-natural flavors.

Heliotrope Grooming and Styling Wax beard mustache hair Heliotrope Shea Butter and Almond Beard Pomade

Our Grooming and Styling Wax is great for styling your hair AND your mustache and beard! Our Hair & Beard Pomade was so popular, we've decided to add more styling products. With its flexible hold and low shine, this wax doesn't feel stiff to the touch. Plus, it also comes in great new sustainable packaging - a push-up cardboard tube! 

beeswax best skincare benefits honeycomb honey

We hope you’ve enjoyed our two-part series on all things bees, honey and beeswax! Bees are amazing, and we are lucky to be able to utilize the fruits of their labor. What’s your favorite use for honey or beeswax? Let us know in the comment box below! 


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