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All About Enzymes

All About Enzymes

The benefits of pumpkin enzymes for your skin

Did you know that a pumpkin isn't just a lovely fall decoration? Not only is it that, but it's actually one of the best fruits you could use for your skincare routine!

When it comes to skincare it's important to think outside the box. After all, I bet you'd never think of an orange squash when doing a DIY face mask. Yet, using ingredients from mother nature has its perks.

In this blog, you will learn what makes pumpkin so special, besides the yummy desserts it's capable of creating!

How do enzymes work?

Enzymes are great for your skin, but what are they really? Enzymes are a type of protein composed of amino acids, made by living things such as the fruits and vegetables we eat every day.

Just like using the right charging adapter can accelerate the time it takes to charge your phone, enzymes speed up chemical reactions in our bodies. By lowering the energy required to perform a bodily process, our cells could heal and reproduce thousands of times faster. This is great if you don't want to spend all your life healing from something like a small cut.

When it comes to skincare, enzymes help to dissolve keratin proteins, these are what can cause buildup underneath your skin. These proteins digest the bonds of dead skin cells, leaving your skin smoother in the process. Since enzymes help to speed up cell growth, you won't have to wait long to see visible changes in your skin.

The benefits of pumpkin enzymes

Pumpkin enzymes are considered alpha hydroxy acids. These are naturally occurring acids from fruits. Have you ever eaten pineapple and felt a weird sensation in your mouth? That's because the enzyme known as bromelain can break down proteins.

Bromelain helps to dissolve the mucous layer in your mouth, which makes the citric acid a pineapple contains much stronger. Now imagine putting that same pineapple on your face for a few minutes.

Luckily, when you use a product with pumpkin enzymes, you get that same exfoliating benefit, but without any stickiness. Pumpkin enzymes exfoliate away dead skin cells while being gentle on your skin.


The vitamins within pumpkin enzymes

Vitamins play a role in various functions in your body. It's usually good to incorporate vitamins directly into your diet. However, having some in your skincare arsenal never hurts! Luckily, pumpkin enzymes contain many vitamins that help your skin.

Vitamin A is considered a retinoid, which can speed up your skin cell turnover. As a result, you’ll get a boost in both collagen and elastin production. If you have oily skin, vitamin A might be your new go-to. It helps to normalize sebum production, which is amazing for your skin and confidence.

Vitamin C is another key benefit of using pumpkin enzymes. It’s a great choice for anyone who wants to brighten their skin in a safe and effective way. Regularly using vitamin C in your skincare routine can help to gradually reduce the appearance of dark spots.

This vitamin is also important for repairing tissues within our body. We don't produce this vitamin on our own, so getting it through diet and skincare is necessary to benefit from it.

Honorable mentions include vitamins like zinc, vitamin E, and magnesium. All of these work together to protect, heal and nourish your skin. In order to maintain the effectiveness of your vitamin-rich skin care products, be sure to store them in a dark and cool place.

Why enzymes are good for sensitive skin

As you can see pumpkin enzymes can benefit your skin in a host of different ways. It's also gentle enough for those with sensitive skin. Unlike some harsher exfoliants, pumpkins are not very likely to irritate you. Of course, you can always use an exfoliating glove to get a deeper cleanse.

A big reason to use pumpkin enzymes is that they don't change the pH balance of your skin like an acid would. Using intense beauty products can be good for the occasion, but frequent use may compromise your skin barrier. Pumpkin enzymes are a good choice when your skin needs a break.

Ingredients that pair well with enzymes

What does a spiced apple latte and your favorite skincare product have in common? They are both filled with amino acids! The biggest difference is that the latte is yummy for your tastebuds, while amino acids help your skin thrive.

Amino acids are another natural compound in our bodies that help us with growth and maintaining our immune system. These processes reflect on our skin by helping our body's natural ability to stay moisturized.

Out of twenty kinds of amino acids, there are some that are super important for skincare products. The kinds found in those delicious apples have the capability to repair skin, reduce inflammation, and build collagen.

The best way to reap the benefits of amino acids is a diet rich in them. Nonetheless, you can boost their effectiveness by using skincare products that contain them. A product with amino acids like our sulfate-free aloe shower gel works with other ingredients like glycerin to increase the moisture on your skin.

Fall favorites with pumpkin enzymes

After a long day or night, your skin can always use a good cleanse. Our Walnut & Botanical Exfoliating Wash gently exfoliates your skin while sealing in moisture. This soap is available in three therapeutic essential oil scents or a fragrance-free option.

After applying toner, a serum is a great way to go. During the fall your skin might be a bit drier than usual. Luckily our Enzyme & Rosehip Nighttime Face Serum is an all-in-one exfoliant and moisturizer. The fruit and herbal extracts work in tandem with skin-friendly botanicals to give you a smooth complexion without irritation.


Whether you're a Halloween lover or not, it doesn't mean that you can't fall in love with pumpkin enzymes (pun intended). This underrated skincare gem is loaded with vitamins and minerals to keep your skin healthy throughout the season and beyond.

There are many different kinds of enzymes and they are all pretty cool. That's why we like to add them to some of our skincare products! When paired with the right ingredients, they will leave your skin with a natural and dewy radiance.

If you enjoyed this post, please leave us a comment down below. Let us know if you will be trying pumpkin enzymes and what you learned!

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