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A New Place to Shop for Heliotrope Natural Skin-Care Products

A New Place to Shop for Heliotrope Natural Skin-Care Products

Have you heard the news? Heliotrope has opened a new shop in Oakland - Heliotrope Oakland. It's in Jack London Square at 308 Jackson Street.

As you enter Heliotrope Oakland

Being relatively new to Oakland myself, there are so many places I haven't visited. Oakland, like most of the Bay Area, is full of hidden gems and charming spots. While working last weekend, I explored a bit and was surprised by how accessible the neighborhood around Jack London Square is and by the charm of the neighborhood. It is a mix of newer apartment buildings and older warehouse buildings. There's a vegetable/produce market here during the week! Whether you're a long-time Oakland resident, visiting from San Francisco or beyond, you'll find a lot to discover in our new neighborhood. 

There are three coffee shops and several restaurants within 4 blocks, so you won't need to go far to find some refreshment. Chinatown, the Oakland Museum of California, Lake Merritt both the actual Lake and the BART station are a short 10-minute walk away. It's near the shops and restaurants of Jack London Square and Downtown Oakland and Alameda are both a short drive away. It's a great spot to include in your weekend explorations.


As is always the case, Jonathan has been working hard behind the scenes, putting this space together. Heliotrope products fill the shelves as well as a curated selection of goods made by other makers -  Kaoru Sanchez adorable lavender sachets and pocket squares as well as a selection of soap dishes and other bath accessories like loofahs and pumice stones. It's a small space so some of the selection will be updated regularly. It's amazing to see Heliotrope's products in a dedicated space.

 Kaoru Sanchez Lavender Sachets


You'll also get a peek at our work behind the scenes. Jonathan envisioned this space as a store as well as a place to label and fill bottles and to pack your web orders. We use the area behind the work table to store the product we receive in bulk fresh from the chemist. Rows of our color coded labels line one of the walls. We label and bottle almost all of our products in house, which means that you can customize the fragrance and re-fill product when you run out. 

Labels hanging on rods against wall

Pair one of our popular soaps either the Nourishing Olive Oil or our Coconut Oil & Goat's Milk Moisturizing Soap with a Sisal Bath Mitt to gently cleanse and exfoliate your skin. 

Sisal Mitt & Exfoliating Gloves with soap

Our candle selection includes the full-size Soy Wax and Shea Butters Massage Candle and the travel size. We have both sizes of our custom made Natural Bees Wax Pillar Candles.

Massage candles

 As in our Valencia location, we will be able to use Essential Oils to customize your purchase. Soon we will be set up to custom blend all of our unscented products. Right now, we have a selection of our most popular blends and single scents. Visit our expanding, aromatherapy bar facing the entrance of the shop to explore all of your fragrance choices. You may choose a scent for mood, relaxation or romance, to improve an aspect of your health, a scent that helps with insomnia for instance, or choose a fragrance simply because you like it. 

Drop by the new shop and see your favorites in a new space and explore the neighborhood. I'm happy to say that I'll be in the shop most weekends to help answer your questions or custom scent your products. Join us soon and be part of our new adventure!

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