5 Perfect Gifts for the Women in Your LIfe

5 Perfect Gifts for the Women in Your LIfe

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With Mother’s day just a few weeks ago, and summer vacations on the horizon, it’s high time we gave some thought to the women in our lives, and how to treat them to something special. Just how are you planning to spoil the most important women in your life? Well, we’ve got some ideas! Whether you’re the sort of person who plans these things weeks or months in advance, or whether you’re more the fly-by-night, last-minute, rabbit-from-the-hat kind of gifter, we’ve got you covered.

We’ve put together this list of five perfect gifts for her. It’s got everything from washes and scrubs to candles and bath bombs. It’s a lively assortment that covers all the bases, so we’re certain you’ll find something she’ll love. (And hey, all of these products are great for men, too!)

This Kit Covers All the Bases

If you’re looking for a kit to truly pamper her — head, shoulders, knees, and toes included — our Large Head to Toe Box is your perfect option! Inside, you’ll find:

  • Our Walnut & Botanical Exfoliating Wash
  • Soothe and comfort skin, and seal in moisture with this exfoliating wash. With a blend of several therapeutic ingredients, this keeps skin fresh, vibrant, and elastic.

  • An Aloe, Olive and Avocado Lotion
  • Another excellent moisturizer, this all-purpose blend of the ‘big three’ moisturizers soothes and revitalizes dry skin, without any excess oils or harsh chemicals. As an organic product, this is made from all-natural ingredients, so it should be great for any skin type. Customers tell us this is their must-have moisturizer!

  • A rich Aloe, Shea Butter & Jojoba Body Cream
  • With +/-70% organic ingredients, this body cream sports flowers, fruits, herbs, and plant extracts, and it’s loaded with antioxidants to keep skin protected in the summer sun. And as a bonus, jojoba oil is as close to natural human skin oils as you can find anywhere else in the plant kingdom, so it’s absorbed lightning-quick with no residue and no irritation.

  • Shampoo and Conditioner All-in-One
  • So long as this box is covering exfoliants, lotions, creams, and soaps, we didn’t want hair to feel left out. It’s just as critical to moisturize, normalize the pH, and keep the right kinds of oils in hair as on skin (if you’d care to know, the two cellular structures function in very similar ways), so this shampoo and conditioner blend is our answer. It cleans and hydrates, while still normalizing and balancing hair after a deep cleanse. Quick and easy, with gorgeous results.

  • All-Natural Moisturizing Soap
  • This is just what you’d expect for the theme of the evening. It cleanses and moisturizes, and it sets the skin up properly for more thorough treatments from the other items in the box. It does rather round out the presentation, too.

  • A Soft Bamboo "Puff" to Lather Up.
  • Who doesn’t need a puff now and again? Bamboo fibres are surprisingly supple given the rigidity of their natural state, and as a sustainably harvested, renewable resource, the puff is just as green-friendly as anything else you’d expect from us.

    Just the Right Amount of Scrubbiness

    Our acclaimed Lemon & Thyme Charcoal Face Scrub is another great option. An all-natural face scrub with just the right amount of scrubbiness, it still manages to be gentle enough even for sensitive skin types. It’s got all the great qualities we want in our face care routine, and smells delicious, too!

    Tantalize All Her Senses

    Is your lady more into aromatherapy and relaxing scents than natural care products? Well, we’ve got options! Take, for instance, our Beeswax & Soy Pillar Candles. These make wonderful gifts! These candles are gorgeous, long-lasting, and, as with everything else on our list, completely natural. With a mix of essential oils, these come in six delightful scents: Grapefruit Lemongrass, Lavender, Juniper Spruce, Clove Geranium, Cedar Tangerine, and Honey with Rose Petals. Some are calming, some are more alert, one is tingly like a mountain forest, and one smells like Christmas morning. Honey and Rose Petal is like date night at the apiary, and honestly, we can’t imagine anything more fun.

    Who Says Bath Time Is Just for Kids?

    Baths are a treat! They relax your sore muscles, let your read your book with a glass of wine uninterrupted, and if you play your cards right, baths can be a great skin treatment as well. Beyond that, you can turn bath time into a party with our Effervescent Bath Salts with Jojoba & Silk Proteins! These all-natural and moisturizing "bath bombs" have jojoba oil to soften skin and silk proteins that stimulate collagen production. An unparalleled fizzy bubble experience that will help any woman relax after a long day.

    Full-Body Body Care

    This last item on our list is another action-packed Large Body Care Basket! Let’s take a look at what it contains in a lighting-round:

    This kit includes our hydrating hand & body lotion; our sulfate-free shower gel; a moisturizing coconut oil & goat's milk soap; and a scented soy wax candle that doubles as moisturizing massage oil. It’s all wrapped up tight in a beautiful woven basket, with a closing lid. Tie it up in a ribbon, and you’ve got this date night, birthday, vacation, spa day, or apology on lockdown.

    Natural Bath and Body Products

    Whether you’re shopping online, or dropping by one of our retail locations, we’ve got these gift ideas and more. Don’t wait, check out our online store and get something delivered in time to pamper the most important woman in your life like a queen!

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