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Workhorse Rye Bitters

Workhorse Rye was founded by Rob Easter & David Gordon in 2011 in a foggy backyard in the Mission. They called themselves"gypsy distillers" - that means they don't *own* a distillery, but rather they utilize other people's distilleries, but make the recipes and products themselves. 

They always do the appropriate thing, meaning - for starters - their whiskey comes from organic grains, and they think that's super appropriate. They want to have the best impact possible on your taste buds AND on the environment. 

Workhouse Rye makes malted rye, barley, and wheat beers at quality-focused breweries around the bay area. They distill said beers on Treasure Island in an old Navy jailhouse. It's kind of a scary place with some interesting history, but the joint makes great booze.

Now they're offering bitters for the first time - they got a little wild and ended up using rye whiskey and brandy to extract flavors from fruits & botanicals - a simple recipe showcasing fresh and beautiful produce! Note each flavor may come in a different size.

 * Pumpkin Spice 4 oz - this is the real deal, people, not that coffee chain's artificial flavor; five varieties of organic heirloom pumpkins grown in Northern California at La Tercera Farms, aged with Workhorse rye

* India Pear 4 oz - a limited edition flavor, never before has such lunacy been attempted! Flavors of India and the West Coast

* Flowers & Cacao 2 oz - aromatic flowers of many kinds, bitter roots, and directly sourced cacao by Dandelion Chocolate

* Aromatic Coffee 1 oz - a balanced universal cocktail bitter, with red fruit tones from light roasted, direct-trade coffee by San Francisco’s FourBarrel Coffee. Great notes of burdock root, sarsaparilla, and licorice root.

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