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Upcycled Leather & Canvas Dopp Kits

These beautiful toiletry kits are made in small batches by Victory Project in Brooklyn, NY.  Victory Project produces exceptional quality bags out of repurposed materials. Upcycling refers to the creative reuse of fabrics that otherwise would end up in a landfill, or otherwise go to waste.

By using swatches of upholstery, or leather from a piece of furniture, they not only save materials, they reduce the demand for new fabrics.

The Canvas kits have black, waterproof cotton liners & are completely washable; leather & suede ones use regular cotton but are stain-resistant. All have military grade strapping make these durable, while the rustproof brass zipper and luscious natural exteriors make them stunning.

    • made in Brooklyn, USA
    • exterior materials all upcycled 
    • 100% cotton interiors WITH a zip pocket - unheard of!
    • brass zipper made in the USA, leather pulls
    • fabrics may originate in the USA or elsewhere, but all upcycled or otherwise kept from the waste stream

Available in black or dark brown leather; in black or light brown suede; or in these cotton fabrics: Indigo Denim, Crimson Canvas, Stone Denim. Please specify color choice in the Note section of your order.

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