Griffo Distillery Hand Sanitizer - CLEARANCE

Griffo Distillery Hand Sanitizer - CLEARANCE

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When we had to stop making our own hand sanitizer, we looked far & ride for a similar product that we'd be proud to sell.

Like many small manufacturers in these difficult times, Griffo Distillery, in Sonoma County, pivoted their business & started making sanitizers with their ethanol.

Like our own Heliotrope products, they add no synthetic perfumes or artificial colors - and nothing harsh like triclosan (don't even get us started about that). 
  • naturally fights bacteria, no triclosan
  • no perfumes or color added
  • made in small batches in Northern California
Available in two formulas - a thicker gel that comes in a glass bottle with a pump; and a liquid, also in glass, with a spray mister.

GEL INGREDIENTS: Ethanol (70%) purified water, methylcellulose (wood derived)

LIQUID INGREDIENTS: Ethanol (70%), purified water (spray no longer available)
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