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Soy & Shea Massage Candle in Ceramic Bowls

Finally! We've been working on these for months, and now they've arrived. Our brand new candles are now available in  these beautiful ceramic bowls. Like their older siblings, these melt to become warm massage oil! Available in 3 of our best-selling essential oil blends, as well as our all-new Neroli Jasmine blend! Gorgeous.

These candles contain botanical oils and wax from soybeans, nourishing coconut oil and creamy shea butter. Just light the candle, let it burn, blow it out, and massage the warm wax into the skin. No petroleum products mean a clean, long-lasting burn. 9 oz, 45 hour burn time.

White bowl = Black Fig Cardmom
Light Grey bowl = Honey Amber
Dark Grey bowl = Citrus Nutmeg
Light Blue bowl = Neroli Jasmine

  • soy wax melts at a low temperature; when it's liquid, it makes a great massage oil - warm, not hot!
  • we've added shea butter, so it's good for your skin
  • no petroleum products or additives, no artificial fragrances
  • burns very clean and long-lasting

    INGREDIENTS: Soy wax, soybean oil, coconut oil, shea butter, essential oils.

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